Safeguarding and Child Protection Plans

Child Protection

  • There was a large increase in numbers of S47 investigations reported in 2015-16 up to 856 from 480 in 2014-15. This increase is due to the implementation of LCS which allows for the correct capturing and reporting of all S47 investigations. Previous systems tended to only reflect a S47 where an ICPC was the outcome. This is borne out by the numbers of ICPCs remaining relatively stable in 2015-16.
  • 493 initial child protection conferences were completed in Derby during 2015-16 (up from 474 in 2014-15). This is the highest number we’ve seen in Derby over the past eight years. 
  • 314 children in Derby had a child protection plan as at 31st March 2016, this equates to a rate of 53.4 per 10,000 children. This is the same number as 2014-15 but a slight rate decrease due to updated U18 population figures becoming available. The comparator rate for 2015-16 is 50.7 and the national rate is 43.1.
  • Derby had 413 children who became the subject of a child protection plan during 2015-16, of these 91 (22.0%) became the subject of a plan for the second or subsequent time. This compares to 17.9% nationally and 16.7% amongst our comparator authorities.
  • Derby had 413 children who ceased to be the subject of a child protection plan during 2015-16, of these just 7 children (1.7%) had been on a plan for more than two years. This compares to 3.8% nationally and 4.8% amongst our comparator authorities.
  • 36.2% of children with child protection plans were seen during 2015-16 by the lead social worker in accordance with their plan on ALL occasions during the year. This is a low figure, but due to the nature of the measure it does mean that if a child is not seen, or seen late on any ONE occasion during the year, they will fail the measure.
  • 208 out of 2112 children with a plan open for 3 months or longer had their cases reviewed within timescales (98.1%). This compares to 93.7% nationally and 94.0% amongst our comparator authorities.

Single Assessments

  • 2,882 Single Assessments were completed during 2015-16. 75.6% of these were completed within the required timescale of 45 working days.
  • Of the 2,882 Single Assessments completed during 2015-16, Domestic Violence was identified as an Assessment Factor in 67% of all assessments. This could be against the child (547, 18.9%), the parent/carer (1,192 cases, 41.4%) or another person (203 cases, 7.0%)
  • 47.1% of all Single Assessments completed during 2015-16 had Mental Illness as an Assessment Factor. This could be identified as the child (381 cases, 13.2%), the parent/carer (850 cases, 29.5%) or another person (126 cases, 4.4%)
  • Alcohol and Drug Misuse also featured highly within the Assessment Factors for 2015-16. 27.9% of all factors were attributed to alcohol misuse - child (76 cases, 2.6%), the parent/carer (636 cases, 22.1%) or another person (92 cases, 3.2%). 
  • 27.7% of all factors were attributed to drug misuse - child (153 cases, 5.3%), the parent/carer (508 cases, 17.6%) or another person (138 cases, 4.8%)

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