Finding support in your community - Local Area Coordination

Finding support in your community

If you are vulnerable due to age, frailty, disability or mental health issues, we can support you to identify and pursue your vision for a good life. We do this through an innovative approach called Local Area Coordination. We aim to strengthen the capacity of communities to welcome and include people and to make services more personal, flexible and accountable.

We also help to build more welcoming and inclusive communities through partnership and collaboration with individuals and families, local organisations and the broader community.

Our overall aim is to support vulnerable people to live within welcoming and supportive communities.

What do we do?

We can support you to:

  1. think about your vision for a good life - Time to talk and think about what would make life better
  2. identify your strengths, skills and gifts - Help finding volunteering opportunities
  3. access a range of information - Support to find information or help navigating the internet
  4. develop relationships and community networks - Support to meet new people or connect with old friends
  5. get your voice heard - Help to speak to services and professionals
  6. take actions to make your life better - Help with planning practical steps to make changes
  7. be more involved in your community - Information about activities and groups in the area
  8. get the right help from services - Help to organise support to live life.

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Your Local Area Coordination Team

Our Local Area Coordinators do not work City Wide, they each cover a particular Ward (otherwise known as a Voting Area). If you are unsure which Ward you live in, you can use the Find your councillor tool which uses your postcode to show the correct Ward.

Neil Woodhead PhotoTeam Manager
Neil Woodhead
01332 642565

Daren Palmer PhotoDarley Ward
Daren Palmer
07812 300764
Darley ward leaflet

Sarah Edmundson PhotoAbbey Ward
Sarah Edmundson
07812 300759
Abbey ward leaflet

Roger Teague PhotoDerwent Ward
Roger Teague
07812 300755
Derwent ward leaflet
Simran Sandhu PhotoAlvaston Ward
Simran Sandhu
07812 301046
Alvaston ward leaflet
Sally Robertson PhotoMackworth Ward
Sally Robertson
07812 300105
Mackworth ward leaflet
Rajeev Nath PhotoArboretum Ward
Rajeev Nath
07812 301045
Arboretum ward leaflet

Bec Haynes PhotoNormanton Ward
Bec Haynes
07812 300750
Normanton ward leaflet

Kathryn Humpston PhotoBoulton Ward
Kathryn Humpston
07812 301685
Boulton ward leaflet

Kirsty Bentham PhotoSinfin Ward
Kirsty Bentham
07812 300158
Sinfin ward leaflet

Donna Brady PhotoChaddesden Ward
Donna Brady
07812 300126
Chaddesden ward leaflet



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