Living independently at home

In this section you will find information on services to support you to live as independently as possible in your own home.

This includes information on the different types of housing available as well as services that can make living at home easier.

Face-to-face chat with social care

If you would like information and advice on a variety of local support solutions without having to go through a full assessment of your social care needs, you can arrange to see a social care worker for an informal face-to-face chat. We have appointments and drop-in sessions available in a number of community venues throughout the week. For more information, please visit our Talking Points page.

Self-service online advice tool

AskSARA, is a very simple to use online advice tool to help you find solutions to your daily living problems. Just choose a topic and respond to the questions to receive a report containing useful advice written by the Disabled Living Foundation's team of occupational therapists. You will also receive an impartial report of products that might help you. Other websites similar to AskSARA are also available.

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