Shared Lives FAQs

Shared Lives faqs
  • What is shared lives?

    It is a scheme that supports people to live in their community. The support
    can be:

    Long term – a person lives with a shared lives carer on a permanent basis
    Short breaks – a person stays with a shared lives carer overnight or for a few
    weeks while the person's family has a break
    Day support – the person is supported during the day to access activities in the

  • How are shared lives carers chosen?

    Anyone wanting to become a shared lives carer needs to have an assessment. The assessment includes:

    • seeking references and Disclosure and Barring Service checks 
    • a number of home visits to talk to the individual, the individual's family and assess the home
    • a second opinion is completed as part of the assessment process
    • reports are written and given to an independent panel and a decision is made on whether the person is approved.

    Once approved the person is monitored on an annual basis.

    Where a person is unsure about whether they want to become a shared lives carer or wants more information, visits can arranged to other shared lives carers as part of the assessment.

  • Do shared lives carers receive training?

    Shared lives carers can access the same training as staff working for Derby City
    Council. This includes:

    Medication Training
    Safeguarding Training
    Working Safely
    Autism Training
    Training that might be relevant to the person they are looking after.

  • What experience do shared lives carers need?

    We have a range of experienced carers and some have previously worked within adult social care services. Some carers have very little experience and where this is the case they receive support from an experienced shared lives carer and attend training prior to providing support. The scheme has a support network where carers meet on a regular basis.

  • How is the scheme monitored?

    The scheme is registered with Care Quality Commission and annual inspections are carried out. Shared lives carers are reviewed on an annual basis and spot checks by scheme workers can happen at any time. People using the scheme have a care manager who reviews the scheme from the customer's perspective.

  • How are the customers introduced to the scheme?

    For a placement to be successful, it has to meet the needs of everyone involved. Before any placement is agreed, a one page profile of the shared lives carer is provided so that customers and their carers can decide if they wish to meet the person.

    A copy of the customer's support plan is given to the shared lives carer. Shared lives carers are introduced to customers by a scheme worker and if everyone is happy after these initial introductions, it is agreed on how to progress the support. 

  • How can customers access the scheme?

    Customers can use their Personal Budgets to pay for support from a shared lives carer. We will use information from the support plan, which details support requirements, to match customers with shared lives carers.

    If you are interested in hearing more about Shared Lives contact the team by email on or by telephone on 01332 640777.

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