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Adult Social Care is about providing personal and practical support to help people live their lives. It's about supporting individuals to maintain their independence and dignity.

There is a shared commitment by the Government, local councils and providers of services to make sure that people who need care and support have the choice and control to live their lives as they wish.

This means more flexibility if you need help.  You could use different businesses and services in your local area to help you live as independently as possible for longer in your own home.

To make the most of this opportunity, you may choose to employ a Personal Assistant who can provide the exact care and support that you need when you need it, so that you can continue to live independently in your own home or be supported out in the community, whether you are using funding from Derby City Council or paying privately.

There are many benefits to employing a personal assistant:

  • They work for you.
  • You decide what you want them to do.
  • You decide when you want them to work.

We have created an Online Register for customers to find Personal Assistants and for Personal Assistants to have a place to advertise their skills and availability, therefore creating a more productive service.

Become a Personal Assistant

If you’re interested in becoming a Personal Assistant and supporting people in Derby then please complete the online application form.

Alternatively, you can call Blue Sky Brokers (Disability Direct) on 01332 404040. For information and advice including details on what you need to do in relation to employment regulations, please see our Becoming a Personal Assistant page.

Employing a Personal Assistant - Disclaimer

The primary purpose of the Personal Assistant Register is to provide access to information to you, your family and/ or brokers about who is available to work in Derby as a Personal Assistant and to provide a ‘platform’ for Personal Assistants to advertise their services to you.

We cannot guarantee that their work will never give rise to a complaint. However, should this be the case, any difficulties should be dealt with fairly and without undue delay in the first instance by you as the employer. You will be responsible for dealing with any work related problems by following your disciplinary procedures. If the problem is more serious and if you think you are a victim of abuse, or you think you know someone who is being or has been abused, it is really important to get help and advice by contacting the Safeguarding Team.

When you employ a personal assistant, this means you become an employer. This can sound daunting as there are lots of things to think about.

The good news is there is lots of help available.

What sort of things do I need to know?

Some of the things you will need to think about when employing your own personal assistant include:

  • the recruitment process
  • risk assessments and health and safety considerations
  • registering yourself as an employer
  • payroll
  • public and employer's liability insurance
  • accounting
  • rotas and timesheets
  • what to do if something goes wrong
  • annual leave and sick leave for your personal assistant
  • redundancy payments
  • workplace pension payments.

There are organisations that can help you with these, for a fee. Some of the things listed are sometimes included as part of an insurance policy, for example some insurance policies can help you with dealing with disputes with your personal assistant.

Insurers who provide Employer Liability Insurance may also offer free advice to support you in your role as an employer. You will need to check the policy details issued by your insurer.

You can find the answers to some commonly asked questions about employing a Personal Assistant on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Workplace pensions

The 2008 Pensions Act changed the law on workplace pensions. Starting from 2012 to 2018, all employers will be legally required to automatically enrol eligible staff (including personal assistants) into a pension scheme and make on-going contributions to the scheme. Eligible workers are those aged from 22 to state pension age and earning more than £10,000 a year. This duty includes individuals that employ workers for their own care and support.

The Department for Work and Pensions website has more information for employees and employers.

You can find out more information by downloading our factsheet.

Where can I get help online?

There are plenty of websites that provide information and advice on employing your own personal assistant.

A good place to start is the Employing Personal Assistants toolkit available on the Skills for Care website

Being the Boss is a website that shares information based on the experiences of disabled people who employ personal assistants. 

The Personal Assistant Network is a website designed to provide information and guidance to people who are thinking about employing a personal assistant as well as those who already do. 

The Jobcentre Plus can also provide support to become an employer. Visit their website to find information on the recruitment process.

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group have created a website called Disability and Tax that provides useful resources and information for people who have a Personal Budget and employ their own care workers or personal assistants.

The website has useful information on topics such as:

  • paying wages
  • tax status
  • independent living
  • employment law
  • being a carer.

There are also useful tools such as the payslip tool which you can use to create payslips for your personal assistants.

For information, visit the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group website

Other useful websites.

Is there any training available to support me?

Skills for Care provide information on how to access a variety of funding to support you and your Personal Assistant with any training needs.

Which organisations can help me?

There are a number of organisations that, for a charge, can provide support when employing your own personal assistant. The support available can include such things as:

  • personal budget money management
  • payroll service
  • end of year tax return
  • Disclosure and Barring Service check - previously known as Criminal Records Bureau check
  • recruitment support
  • support planning and brokerage
  • financial returns support.

Here are a few organisations that can help, other organisations are also available, and we suggest asking for prices from a few different organisations before you decide which one to use...

Blue Sky Brokers (Disability Direct)

01332 404040

Enrychpay 01530 832926
Thera Uemploy

0300 303 8163

Rosekel Resourcing 0844 887 0273

01332 343601 
















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