Care Arrangements Service

The Care Act 2014 allows self-funders to ask the Council to make the necessary arrangements to meet their care needs. You are a Self-funder if you have eligible care needs and more than £23,250 in financial assets, which is the upper capital limit, set by Government.

We must make these arrangements when you ask us to, and we will charge a Care Arrangement Fee to cover our costs. The arrangement fee is set at a level that covers only the costs that we incur in arranging the care and support (this is called a 'cost recovery' basis). The arrangement fees will also apply if you decide not to disclose your financial circumstances.

These fees only apply to those people requiring a community package of care and not to customers receiving support in a residential or nursing placement.

Services that we can arrange

We can only arrange traditional services such as homecare support and day care at Council-run day centres. If you wish to employ a Personal Assistant or use any non-traditional support or care, then you will need to make other arrangements. There are a number of local organisations that can help with this if necessary and we can provide details if you need them.

The Care Arrangement Fee

If you ask us to arrange and manage your support package, you will be charged an initial set-up fee and an annual maintenance fee as detailed in the Care Arrangement Service information document. The fees will enable us to set up the care and support arrangements and manage the care package throughout the year.

The maintenance charge will start from the first week in which services are arranged.

We will review the charges on a yearly basis and they may change from time to time.


We will not ask for a Care Arrangement Fee in the following circumstances:

  • Intermediate care, including reablement
  • Community equipment – aids and minor adaptations
  • Care and support provided to people with Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease
  • After-care services/support provided under Section 117 of the Mental Health Act 1983
  • Any service which the NHS is under a duty to provide
  • Any service which a local authority is under a duty to provide through other legislation

Requesting the Care Arrangement Service

If your assessment confirms that you have eligible care needs, your social worker will discuss the options for managing your care with you. If you are a self-funder and you decide to ask us to arrange a traditional care package on your behalf, you will be asked to sign a contract to pay the charges and fees.

Further Information

You can read more about the Care Arrangement Service in the information document or contact us and we can discuss it with you.


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