Council housing - information and advice

What information and advice does the Council offer for people looking for housing?

Our Housing Options Centre offers information and advice on the different ways of getting housing, including:

  • renting from private landlords and other ways of getting housing
  • illegal eviction and harassment
  • landlord and tenant responsibilities
  • applying for council housing (also called ‘social housing’) by putting in an application for the Housing Register - we will advise you if this is the right option to meet your housing needs
  • accommodation for older people
  • support for young people (age 16 to 18) leaving home for the first time
  • support for people who are experiencing, or at risk of, domestic violence
  • support for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness

How is council housing (also called 'social housing') allocated in Derby?

Because there is a very limited number of council/housing association properties available to rent and there are always more people wanting housing than properties available, the Council has to decide who needs housing most urgently.  

Our Allocation Policy 2018 explains how housing through the Council and partner housing providers is allocated. It does this through a 'banding' system that identifies people’s housing needs and sets out the sort of properties they could apply for.

Some housing providers in Derby provide accommodation for older people, others for families and single people. Most allocate their properties through Derby Homefinder. This is the service we run to help people who are on the Housing Register to find and bid for properties provided by the Council or housing associations.

Find out which housing providers are part of Derby Homefinder.

You can contact the Housing Options Centre to: 

  • discuss your housing situation and find out about the full range of housing options available to you
  • get advice about whether applying to get on the Housing Register is the right option for you. If it is, we will make an appointment for you to fill in a Housing Register application form.

What happens if I'm told that applying for the Housing Register is the right housing option for me?

We will assess your completed Housing Register application form in line with our Allocation Policy 2018. We base our assessment on all of the information you give us on the application form. We will write to confirm that your application is 'active' and tell you what 'band' of housing need you have.   

Derby Homefinder Landlords advertise their properties to rent on Derby Homefinder and also use the policy to allocate them. 

Find more information, see Housing Allocation Policy and how properties are allocated.

Please see below for opening times of the Housing Options Centre. 

We are closed on public holidays, and also for the period between Christmas and New Year.

Right to Buy

Buying a house is a big step and it's important to consider all of the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. It can also be a great investment and allows you more flexibility, but with renting there's the option of housing benefit if you fall on hard times, and a maintenance programme.

If you are considering buying a council house, visit Derby Homes' Right to Buy web page.

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