Derby Accredited Property Scheme


What is the Derby Accredited Property Scheme?

The Derby Accredited Property Scheme is designed to encourage better management and standards within let property, and enables landlords to demonstrate that their property is safe and well maintained. The Scheme is voluntary but after January 1st 2017 we will charge a fee for membership. Whilst mainly aimed at landlords who let student accommodation it is open to any landlord who lets property in Derby.

What happens when landlords apply to join the Scheme?

When landlords apply to join the Scheme, the properties they put forward for accreditation go through an inspection to make sure that they comply with the standards set out by the Scheme. The standards are set out in the Scheme Document .

Landlords also have to commit to good management practices and standards, and will need to sign a declaration of their 'Fit and Proper Person' status which may be verified by the Council.

Are there different levels of accreditation?

Yes, landlords can either apply for ordinary accredited or accredited plus status.
Accredited Plus status is over and above that required at ordinary accredited level and is only given to landlords with properties where further improvements have been carried out that benefit the tenants and increase the appeal of the property.

How were the Scheme's standards set?

The Scheme was launched in 2008 after consulting landlords to find out what would motivate them to join the Scheme. We used their feedback to finalize the standards that properties need to meet to become accredited.

How do I apply to join the Derby Accredited Property Scheme?

You can:

  • call us on 01332 640764 to ask for information on the Scheme. Read through the information and make sure your property meets the property requirements of 'Accredited status'.
  • download, fill in and return the Accreditation application form or phone us on 01332 640764 to ask for a paper copy. If you have more than one property, you only need to fill in the supplementary property sheet for the second and further properties. 

We will carry out a property inspection and agree the level of accreditation.

How can I find out if a landlord is a member of the scheme?

You can email the Housing Standards team or call us on 01332 640764 

Managing agents

We also invite managing agents to join the Derby Accredited Property Scheme to act as a representative for their clients’ property and to agree to operate within the Scheme’s code of standards.

Where a landlord uses a managing agent, but wishes to join the Scheme, they can apply as an individual member but must give the agent's details when filling in the scheme application form and, if needed, the supplementary property sheet.

Membership benefits

Accreditation gives landlords a clear set of standards to aim for and gain recognition for the standard of accommodation they offer. Once accredited, landlords will be giving themselves a market advantage by distancing themselves from bad practices and unscrupulous landlords.

How do I renew my accreditation?

Your accreditation needs to be renewed every year, and we will write to you in the month before your accreditation ends inviting you to renew for another year. Download the Renewal application form for more information.

Where can I get guidance on fire safety?

You can download a free copy of the Local Authority Coordinators of Regulatory Services (LACORS) - National Housing Fire Safety Guide released in 2008.

The guidance applies nationally and covers certain existing residential accommodation, including single family dwellings, shared houses, bedsits and flats. It is not aimed at new housing built to modern building regulations.

The Derby Accredited Property Scheme refers to this guidance within the Scheme Standards Document.

Student properties

Landlords who wish to promote their property on the University of Derby Student Accommodation Register must first achieve accredited status. The landlord must then apply to the University of Derby, which may make a further inspection before agreeing to promote the property.

Contact the Private Sector Accommodation office at the University of Derby on 01332 591302 for further details.

Visit the University of Derby website for more information on private student accommodation and halls of residence accommodation for the University of Derby campuses in Derby and Buxton

If you have a question about the accreditation scheme please email Cheryl Foy or ring 01332 640764


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