Residential care homes

Residential care helps people who cannot manage, even with a lot of support, to live in their own homes. There are two sorts of care homes:

  1. Nursing homes where there needs to be constant involvement of, or supervision by, a qualified nurse.
  2. Residential homes where care is provided all day and all night but there does not need to be a qualified nurse present all the time.

There are different types of care homes to support different needs, depending on things such as people's age or particular disability. All care homes, whether they provide residential or nursing care, have to be registered and regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

Please contact us if you think you might need to move into a care home. We will make sure you are aware of other support which could help you stay in your own home for longer if that would be better.

Find support to help you remain independent in your own home

You may be able to find some support yourself to help you remain independent in your own home.

The Your Life Your Choice webpages are a great place to start.

If you can't find support yourself, contact us and we may be able to help you find your own support.

Assessment for Adult Social Care

View our Assessment for Adult Social Care page for more information on what support we may be able to offer to help you remain independent before you need to move to a care home.

This could include:

  • care at home
  • support to get out and about
  • support, including short breaks, for people who look after you
  • technology to help keep you safe and well, this is called Telecare.

Extra care housing

There are other types of housing which you may like to consider before making the move to residential care.

View our Extra Care Housing webpage for more information.

Financial advice

Residential and nursing care can be expensive. For information and advice about what financial support is available to you, visit our Funding your own care - Financial advice page.

If you are currently living in residential or nursing care, paying the full cost of your placement and your circumstances change or your savings and capital drop below the limit of £23,250, contact us and we will carry out a financial assessment and discuss your options with you.

Finding a residential or nursing care home

Even if you are determined to move into a care home, and do not feel you need financial or practical help to do this, it still makes sense to contact us before taking such a big step in your life. That way you can get the best possible information about your choices and any consequences.

We will carry out an assessment to help you decide what your care needs are. If you can no longer be supported at home, we can help you choose a home that meets your needs and explain if you qualify for help towards the cost. The amount of financial support will depend on your personal situation, but we look at all cases on an individual basis to decide how much we can help.

If you have considered all the different alternatives to residential and nursing care and you are still sure that this is the right option for you, you search all the registered care homes in the city on the Care Quality Commission website. The NHS Choices website also has a care home search facility along with user reviews.

Residential care homes managed by Derby City Council

We own and manage six care homes across the City. For more information and to view up-to-date Care Quality Commission ratings for our homes, please visit our care homes page.


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