Apprentice: One to One Support Services

One to One Support Services

One to One Support Services established in 2006 and are specialists in delivering high quality support. Specialising in older persons, disability/special needs, children and family services and multi-sensory impairments.

We had the opportunity to interview their apprentice.

Chelsea Nicholson

How did you get into an apprenticeship?

I became an apprentice after I attended college for 1 year. I completed my first year in A-Levels, I decided that this route in my education wasn’t for me and I applied for several apprenticeships. I was extremely nervous when applying for an apprenticeship as I had never worked in an office environment before and I had never worked in a Health and Social Care environment before either.

Why did you take up an apprenticeship?

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to any young person who is thinking about going down this route. It is the best thing that I decided on doing. I have learnt a lot of knowledge on administration and I have also learnt a lot of knowledge within Health and Social Care. With the knowledge that I have learnt from being an apprentice at One to One Support Services it has helped me support the other team members who I work with. I understand CQC Reports, and have attended all the mandatory training that the care team have to complete. With how fast the care sector and training sector changes it is vital I keep up to date with any new legislation as this will help me in my work role.

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

There are many benefits to being an apprentice, the benefits I have received are, even though I work mainly in administration I also work for a care and training provider, this has expanded my knowledge on both of these sectors. I didn’t realise how much new knowledge I would have before becoming an apprentice and all the new knowledge that I have received has helped me in everyday life as well.

How did your parents felt when you started an apprenticeship?

My parent’s thoughts on me becoming an apprentice were really positive and they were as excited as I was. My mother and my father were apprehensive at first as I was only 17 when I joined One to One but they were very supportive with me when I started and even now they are still as supportive as ever.

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