Apprentice: Pentaxia


Pentaxia is a rapidly growing Advanced Engineering business, founded in 2008 and focused on delivering world class tooling design and composite manufacturing.

We interviewed their apprentice for their views on apprenticeships.

Luke Wieghton

How did you get into an apprenticeship?

I heard about the apprenticeship opportunities at Pentaxia as I knew an employee, I handed my CV in and ended up being offered a trial and interview. I knew this is great opportunity for me I will be learning whilst getting paid which appealed to me.

Why did you take up an apprenticeship?

I think apprenticeship is a great way to up your skills through working for an employer as you will get more hands on experience than going to university.

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

The benefits of being an apprentice are getting paid whilst learning, getting taught by skilled people their skills and learning from new experiences and being able to progress.

How did your parents felt when you started an apprenticeship?

My parents think it’s a good idea as I am able to earn while learning new skills which will help in the long run.

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