Apprentice: Signal House Group Ltd

Signal House Group

Signal House Group offers an unrivalled service in Railway Engineering focusing on Rail Signalling works. Collis Engineering is the specialist structural and mechanical engineering arm of Signal House Group.

We interviewed their apprentice who works for Collis Engineering.


How did you get into an apprenticeship?

As I progressed through school we would have assemblies involving talks on what we would do in the future for work/education. This is when I discovered what apprenticeships were and how they worked. Immediately I asked Collis Engineering whether there were any apprenticeships available. It was agreed that if I achieved my predicted grades at school I would be placed on the apprenticeship scheme at Collis Engineering.

Why did you take up an apprenticeship?

As a 16 year old teenager there was nothing better than earning money while still getting an education. I settled into work happily with the help of the company who introduced me to the job and guided me through answering any question I had. My views on my apprenticeship would be that it’s a rather fun experience; it enables you to become qualified in a trade while gaining experience on the job.

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

The benefits of being an apprentice are continuing your education, benefitting you and your employer, gaining experience on the job, being financially supported and seeing the progress you are making and the possible routes you can take.

How did your parents felt when you started an apprenticeship?

Both parents agreed it was a positive career choice with the potential to advance my learning within the industry which in turn would create better future for myself, my family and this would put me in a position to advise any future children I have myself.

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