Employer: Signal House Group Ltd

Signal House Group

Signal House Group offers an unrivalled service in Railway Engineering focusing on Rail Signalling works. Collis Engineering is the specialist structural and mechanical engineering arm of Signal House Group. This is their opinions of apprenticeships.

What are the benefits to your business by taking on an apprentice?

There is a major shortage of skilled personnel across the whole of the manufacturing sector. This has come from the decline in manufacturing & construction in the 1970’s and the YTS/YT programmes of the 1980’s.

If we need skilled people we have to ‘grow our own’ and have now been employing apprentices since 1989. The advantage of our home grown talent is that they are familiar with our methods, our culture and our market place. By employing young people after full time education you tend to create a loyalty culture and they remain with the company for many years. Four of our early years apprentices have now qualified for a 25 year long service award with the company and many more will follow in years to come.

Would you recruit an apprentice?

We do, every year. Although the number varies dependent on our needs and the state of our market we have a comprehensive apprenticeship programme covering technical, craft level and administration apprentices.

Do you recommend other employers to consider apprenticeships in their recruitment strategy?

Yes if they want to move their businesses forward in the future and not run out of people to carry out the essential functions.

However it is a medium to long term strategy and one where has to invest some time and money into creating a useful resource for the long term future of a business. By working with schools, colleges and training providers enhances an employer’s holistic approach to business and they in turn will generate good will from the wider business and general community.

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