Employer: Brighter Directions

Brighter Directions 

Brighter Directions is a female owned marketing company that begun over 11 years ago. We asked them about how they felt about apprenticeships.

What are the benefits to your business by taking on an apprentice?

Tonnes! As an SME regional employer recruitment has and will probably always be our biggest challenge. The most important reason we recruit apprenticeships is the talent pool of young people coming out of school who have a clean slate – and what I mean by that is they have no previous experience to taint their preconceptions of our industry. We can work with them and build their skills, knowledge and experience from day 1 and nurture their time addressing a new generational market that understands things like entrepreneurship and technology.

Would you recruit an apprentice?

Yes – and we do. We aim to recruit a new apprentice into the business every year. Employers (SME’s like us) can gain contributions (financial) via funds towards the costs of recruiting an apprentice, as well as added benefits such as reduced payroll costs (£wages) which means you have a full time effective member of staff, at a reduced rate, so that you can use to invest further in them, internal mentoring/external etc.

Do you recommend other employers to consider apprenticeships in their recruitment strategy?

Certainly! In fact it’s something I encourage most of our smaller clients who don’t necessarily know about apprenticeships and the benefits they bring to a business…

Free recruitment/ candidate selection and qualification by a training provider (unlike when they recruit through agencies) because the specification, qualification and candidate profiling is already completed for you, before they come for interview, so you are assured when they arrive you are gaining the most suitable candidates for your needs and apprenticeship role.

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