Employer: Federal-Mogul Motorparts

Federal-Mogul Motorparts

Federal-Mogul Motorparts serves customers in the automotive aftermarket industry. They provide maintenance, service and performance enhancing products and original equipment manufacturers of vehicles. We interviewed them for their views on apprenticeships.

What are the benefits to your business by taking on an apprentice?

The benefits our business sees are being able to take individuals on who have limited prior experience who can them be trained in the way our business operates. The apprentices get a good grounding of training in their first year by going to the training provider we use, SETA; they then get to rotate around various sections of the Plant getting hands on experience with different machinery and tools and working on different breakdowns or maintenance as it arises.

Would you recruit an apprentice?

It is so important for our business to continue with the apprenticeship scheme, we have an average length of service of 26-30 years which naturally means we have an ageing workforce. We therefore need well trained, experienced Trades people who have worked alongside our plant and equipment and most importantly had the opportunity to work alongside our current knowledgeable Trades people who have grown up with the Plant.

Do you recommend other employers to consider apprenticeships in their recruitment strategy?

We have a plan in place to recruit a further 2 or 3 apprentices in 2017 and we would recommend to all employers to consider apprenticeships in their recruitment strategy. We see this as a huge part of our company success, it is key to our people development, succession management, ability to retain skills and knowledge within the Plant and our commitment to the local community and the younger generation.

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