Employer: Holiday Inn Derby Riverlights

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn is one of the world's largest hotel chains. Their committed to providing all our guests the most comfortable and relaxing stay. 

We spoke with Holiday Inn Derby - Riverlights general manager, Carrie-Louise Holleran about hiring apprentices.

What are the benefits to your business by taking on an apprentice?

We are able to introduce a new individual to the hospitality industry and develop real skills in the area that they have been or are studying currently at College, enabling them to bring what they learn in the classroom to life in a real time situation.  Equally, they are able to use examples from their apprenticeship towards their qualification.

Would you recruit an apprentice?

Provided that the apprentice has a real drive and wants to work in the hospitality industry then I do think that apprenticeships work.

Do you recommend other employers to consider apprenticeships in their recruitment strategy?

I do. It is giving the opportunity to a young person in Derby to learn work skills whilst training. It is a way for the organisation to support young workers and drive new employees in to the industry they are passionate about.

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