Apprenticeship testimonials

In this section, you will find stories from both apprentices and employers.

Jacob Hand is a former apprentice with Derby City Council and he is now employed full time in the Audit Team.

Michael Woodward is a parks apprentice with the Council.

Sam Porter is an apprentice with Derby Homes and wants to carry on into a business administration role in the future.

Mason Peach is an apprentice at Derby College where he is doing an apprenticeship in hospitality at the Engine Shed restaurant.

Tom O'Gara is doing a painting and decorating apprenticeship at Derby College.

Hannah Naqwi is with Rolls-Royce were she is doing an Engineering apprenticeship.

Derby College, Deputy Principal, April Hayhurst talks about the apprentice opportunities available at Derby College.

David Campbell, who looks after the apprentices at Rolls-Royce chats with us about the importance of apprenticeships for their business.

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