Employment Charter

Our aspiration is to apply the principles in the Derby City Employment Charter to all directly employed staff at the Council and to staff working for companies that the Council have a business relationship with through procurement. Derby City Council also encourages all employers across Derby to adopt the Charter as best practice.

  1. We are committed to providing fair employment contracts and stability of employment to at least all employees.
  2. We will pay the Living Wage to all employees and support Derby to become a Living Wage City.
  3. We actively support trade union membership amongst our employees and recognise trade unions for the purposes of employee representation and collective bargaining.
  4. We will provide an environment that creates workforce training opportunities to support everyone.
  5. We will work to minimise the use of agency workers and ensure agencies we engage use professional methods and follow fair employment practices.
  6. We will actively support and encourage our employees to take up volunteering opportunities across the city.
  7. We will ensure we have policies and procedures in place which support employees to achieve work-life balance.
  8. We will not  award any contract to any company found guilty of blacklisting workers.
  9. We will strive to be as self-sufficient as possible and minimise the usage of external consultants by developing the skills and capacity of our own employees. We will seek value for money when using consultants whilst ensuring that they also follow fair employment practices.
  10. We will seek to offer a wide range of employee incentives.

Employee support

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