What is Betting?

Betting means the 'making or acceptance of a bet' on:

  • the outcome of a race, competition or other event or process, even if it has already occurred and one party to the transaction knows the outcome
  • the likelihood of anything occurring or not occurring, even if it has already occurred or failed to occur and one party to the transaction knows the outcome whether anything is or is not true.

How do I apply for a New Licence?

To operate a Betting Shop you will need:

  • an Operating Licence, and any Personal Licences appropriate to your business, from the Gambling Commission
  • a Premises Licence from us.

 Complete the New premises licence application form and send this with the relevant payment.

The following forms can be used to help prepare your notice of application...

The time taken to process an application depends on each individual application. The time period can range from a minimum of one month up to two months, but this could be longer if appeals are made following a committee hearing.

When an application is submitted, a 28 day statutory consultation period will follow. This allows time for local residents, businesses and Responsible Authorities to give their responses to the application - known as 'representations'. This is done by considering the three licensing objectives.

If posting or handing in the application form(s) at our reception you are required to also serve a copy of the application, including the accompanying documentation, to the Responsible Authorities on the same day as the application is given to us. If the application is submitted electronically, we will provide copies to the Responsible Authorities. We can only accept applications for premises within our Local authority area .

Who regulates and issues an Operator Licence to betting premises?

The Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating and issuing Operator’s Licences to bookmakers, betting agencies, totaliser operators and pool operators.

Who regulates spread betting?

The Financial Services Authority regulates spread betting.

Can children and young people enter a betting premises?

Children and young persons under 18 years old may not enter premises with a betting licence.

Can casinos provide facilities for betting?

Casinos are able to provide facilities for betting but must obtain a separate Betting Operating Licence. They do not need a separate Premises Licence.

What category of gaming machines can I provide?

The holder of a Betting Premises Licence can have up to four Gaming Machines of category B2, B3, B4, C or D available for use.

Where a machine is made available for bets on virtual races will it be classified as a gaming machine?

Yes, it is classified as a gaming machine and must comply with the conditions and restrictions on the appropriate category of gaming machines.

Where a machine is made available that accepts live future bets, will this be classified as a gaming machine?

No, they do not count towards the four gaming machines that may be made available and neither do they have to comply with limits on stakes or prizes.

Can anyone restrict the number of betting machines that I can have on my premises?

Yes, we have the powers to restrict the number, their nature and the circumstances in which they are made available by attaching a condition to the Premises Licence. When attaching such a condition we will take into account:

  • the size of the premises
  • the number of counter positions available for personal transactions
  • the ability of staff to monitor the machines use by children or young persons.

Are there any mandatory conditions that will be attached to my licence?

The only condition that applies to Premises Licences is the gambling hours, which are 7.00am to 10.00pm every day all year round.

Are there any fees to pay?

You can see our Current List of Gambling Fees.

Opening times

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