Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site

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 Derwent valley mills logoIn December 2001, the Derwent Valley Mills in Derbyshire became inscribed as a World Heritage Site. This international designation confirms the outstanding importance of the area as the birthplace of the factory system where in the 18th Century water power was successfully harnessed for textile production.

Stretching 15 miles along the river valley from Derby to Matlock Bath, the World Heritage Site contains a fascinating series of historic mill complexes, including some of the world's first 'modern' factories.

Derwent Valley map When you're exploring the World Heritage Site, look for the Derwent Valley Mills branded signs to find the many attractions relating to our story.

For more information on attractions and events within the World Heritage Site, visit the Derwent Valley Mills website. You can also find out about the history of the world's first factories, the people who built them, and the communities created to support them.


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