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Published: 18 September 2019

Stoptober information stand

The number of people smoking in Derby has increased by 1.2% in the last year from 18% to 19.2%

At a time when smoking is declining nationally, the number of people smoking in Derby has increased by 1.2% in the last year from 18% to 19.2%. This compares to a national average of 14.7%.

What’s more Derby smokers consume around 384,600 cigarettes per day, make up over 35% of all litter on the streets, and cost Derby folks a total of around £66.5m. Derby City Council’s Livewell service is urging Derby’s smokers to take up Public Health’s Stoptober 28-day stop smoking challenge during October.

It is based on research that shows that if you can stop smoking for 28-days, you are five times more likely to stay smokefree for good.  And people who get expert support from local stop smoking services like Livewell are up three times as likely to quit successfully.

The official Stoptober challenge begins on Tuesday 1st October; people can choose to start their quit up until the end of October as part of the campaign. However, smokers can quit any time with the help of our Livewell team, who offer 12 months of free support and stop smoking treatments to anyone registered to a Derby GP practice.

Councillor Roy Webb, Cabinet Member for Adults, Health and Housing said:

Our Livewell team offer a range of fantastic resources and support for those who are trying to quit smoking all year round. They have helped many people quit – not only improving their health but saving them money too. That said, Stoptober is a great time for those who smoke to take on the challenge to quit and be part of the nationwide campaign.

Last year, nearly 1160 people quit smoking thanks to Livewell’s free support. As a result each smoker saved an average of £3,610 based on 20 a day, that’s £4.2m in total.

Stoptober Roadshows

People looking for some face-to-face information or advice can attend Livewell’s Stoptober roadshows on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st September at Intu Derby (on the ground floor near H Samuels).

The Livewell team will be on hand to encourage sign-ups from smokers as well as engaging friends and family members of smokers to support them through their 28 days smoke free.

They will also be offering free health MOTs which include lung age, blood pressure, body mass index and body fat tests. Those with any breathing or respiratory concerns can talk to the Royal Derby Hospital’s ImpACT Plus team.  In addition, people can find out about Livewell’s free weight management programmes and NHS Health Checks.

Round the clock support

To ensure people in Derby can access support at any time, the Livewell team developed an artificial-intelligence Facebook Messenger robot called Will Power, which was launched last year.

Will Power compliments the face-to-face work that Livewell advisors offer, and will send instant, personalised responses to questions, including specific answers about quitting with Livewell. Users can also access daily tips, quirky distraction videos and games for beating cravings. The bot also links to the NHS addiction quiz to nudge smokers into thinking about quitting with the option to book an appointment with Livewell.

Quitters can speak to Will Power 24/7, by clicking the blue circle with lightening symbol on the Livewell homepage or through a scanned code which features on all campaign printed material using an app.

With Livewell’s support and free stop smoking medicine, finding your will power like Sue to succeed is within your reach. You will have exclusive access to:

  • Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy/stop smoking medicine for eight weeks, saving you around £180
    • Support to quit using your e-cigarette/vape
    • Personalised support for up to 12 months
    • Invaluable tips and guidance to beat cravings
    • Control your weight while quitting with free exercise sessions and our weight management course

To apply and book a first appointment visit our website, email or call the customer team on 01332 641254.

You can also get more information and keep track of the campaign by following Livewell on Twitter and Facebook.

Share your progress by including @LivewellDerby and @DerbyCC in your posts and use the hashtag #Stoptober2019.

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