Do the right thing for Derby this Bank Holiday

Published: 28 August 2020

Council House at night

Derby City Council are reminding citizens to enjoy their Bank Holiday as safely as possible

Derby City Council are reminding citizens to enjoy their Bank Holiday as safely as possible, as we head towards a long weekend.

It is natural that over the summer Bank Holiday we will want to relax and spend time with friends and family. Due to the easing of lockdown measures in many areas, this is more possible than previous months. However, hygiene and social distancing measures are still needed to be able to prevent a rise in COVID-19 cases in Derby.

Here are some tips to enjoying the Bank Holiday while keeping ourselves and others safe.

Get outdoors

Getting outside, particularly getting some exercise, has been proven to be good for our mental health and wellbeing as well as keeping us physically healthy. Consider meeting up with loved ones for a walk in one of Derby’s beautiful parks.

If (as is predicted) the weather isn’t very pleasant, you could always meet friends or family at Derby’s Market Place and grab one of the under cover tables for food and drinks.

If travelling to a different part of the country to enjoy the great outdoors over the weekend, do have a think about where you will be heading and how busy it will be – while it can be tempting to head off to beauty spots, that can overwhelm certain areas with people.

Doing the right thing for Derby

Whether outdoors or indoors, it is vital that we all still remember how important COVID-19 guidance is to keep us all safe.

Washing our hands, keeping our distance and wearing a face covering are all ways of reducing our chance of catching or passing on coronavirus.

Remember: Test and Trace

If you, or a member of your household or bubble, have any coronavirus symptoms (continuous cough, a fever, loss of taste and smell) then self-isolate and get a tested NOW.

If venturing out over the weekend, it is important to make sure to provide correct and up to date contact details when we visit pubs and restaurants. If you’re contacted by Test and Trace, we need provide our recent contacts to ensure they can self-isolate too.

Leader of Derby City Council, Councillor Chris Poulter, said:

It’s wonderful that we can all be back in Derby this weekend to enjoy a restful Bank Holiday and support our local businesses. There are plenty of activities and places, such as the new Derby Market Place alfresco dining, for us all to enjoy together safely. We do all need to continue to be very considerate of the guidelines in place by maintaining our handwashing, wearing face coverings where necessary and socially distancing. We will all be helping to support keeping Derby safe through our actions.

Director of Public Health, Dr Robyn Dewis, said:

After some Bank Holidays spent inside our homes during the more stringent lockdown periods, we are all keen to enjoy ourselves and make the most of the long weekend. However, we can all do our bit for Derby by following simple actions such as washing our hands and socially distancing. Considering the guidelines is the best possible way of keeping transmission low in Derby.

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