Temporary cycle lane to be removed as emergency travel measures are reviewed

Published: 2 October 2020

Temporary cycle lane on road

Temporary cycle lane on road

The temporary segregated cycle lane on Uttoxeter Road will be removed tomorrow, Saturday 3rd October.

The existing cycle lane marked on the road was segregated as a temporary measure as part of the ’Moving Derby Forward’ programme, which saw the Council receive £228,000 of funding from the Government to introduce Covid-19 emergency transport measures across the city.

Local authorities had to act quickly to deliver schemes that would have a high impact, and encourage safe active travel, whilst creating more space for social distancing.  All measures had to start within four weeks of receiving funding and be delivered in eight.

The Council, along with most other local authorities in the country had to acquire whatever temporary equipment was available at the time, and make the best solution, within the specific time constraints set by government.  The programme did not insist that any specific design standards were achieved, it was very much a direction to take emergency action.

Other work to improve walking and cycling on Uttoxeter Road will continue to be delivered.  This includes the removal of some historic lay-bys, as well as widening the footway to create more room for bus users to queue.

A spokesperson for Derby City Council said:

Whilst the segregation did offer some protection to cyclists, following a review, it was highlighted that the road doesn’t offer the width required to deliver something more permanent. There are also drainage and seasonal debris issues. It has also become apparent that the cycle lane is not achieving the intended purpose, with many cyclists choosing to use the adjacent footway, or the wider footway on the opposite side of the road.

The ‘Moving Derby programme’, which also included large scale segregated cycle lanes on London Road, radical changes to traffic in the city centre, and the re-direction of traffic in Darley Abbey and Spondon, have all been implemented, and there will be a process of rolling reviews for each of them.  Clearly the Covid 19 virus is still having an impact on all of our lives and the necessity for many of the schemes is still present.  In the last week government has asked local authorities to remember their duties to all road users when implementing the reviews of the emergency active travel measures.

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