Getting vaccine a welcomed relief for TV Des

Published: 9 February 2021

Des Coleman getting covid vaccine

Des Coleman at Derby Arena

Derby Arena welcomed ITV weatherman Des Coleman to receive the first dose of vaccine this weekend. Des, a popular face on ITV Central News for many years, has been shielding due to a serious illness in 2018 and so was very happy to be invited to take his jab.

Des said:

Like most receiving my jab this Saturday was a welcomed relief. The fear of contracting this dreadful disease was playing on my mind. But thanks to the wonderfully accommodating staff at Derby Arena I need not have worried. There was no waiting, there were no crowds. It felt like a coffee morning with good friends. A nice chat, a fab vibe, and a jab. Then off home to watch the rugby!

I was warned about side effects - and six hours later it hit me. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the pounding headache and freezing shivers and dizziness that kept me up all night. I suppose I became the one in 10 that can suffer the odd side effect. But better that than the worst case scenario. 24 hours later and I’m back with a spring in my step, a hearty ho ho and looking forward to the days and weeks ahead. I feel like wrapping my arms around everybody and jumping for joy like we did when we used to sing ‘Come on Eileen’ in a club!

For the life of me I can’t understand those who believe the absurd and ludicrous talk against the vaccine. You're putting your own life at risk and others.

Current statistics show that BAME residents are far less likely to have accepted the vaccine than average and are also displaying a far greater degree of vaccine hesitancy. Council and Public Health officials are urging more people from the city's black and ethnic minorities not to listen to scare-mongering on social media and to get vaccinated.

The COVID-19 vaccination programme continues to build momentum across Derbyshire. The county is now served by 15 GP-led vaccination sites, and the city is hosting a mass vaccination centre at Derby Arena, which will be available for patients offered appointments through the National Booking System.

The GP-led sites are managed by primary care networks, which are groups of GP practices working together. The PCN sites offer appointments to people registered with those GP practices.

As well as the expansion of the vaccine programme a lateral flow testing site has opened at the Riverside Centre with the aim of delivering targeted, asymptomatic testing for those most at risk of catching COVID-19.


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