Dignity Action Day 2021

Published: 1 February 2021

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Dignity Action Day aims to ensure people who use care services are treated as individuals

Dignity Action Day is an annual opportunity for health and social care workers and members of the public to uphold people's rights to dignity and inspire others to take positive steps to promote dignity.

The day usually aims to ensure people who use care services are treated as individuals and are given choice, control and a sense of purpose in their daily lives.

This year Derby City Adult Safeguarding Board together with Community Action Derby aim to use #DAD2021 as an opportunity to highlight the impact that COVID-19 has had on many more of us who have been vulnerable due to the pandemic.

In response to the first national lockdown in March 2020, a wave of volunteers responded to the call for communities to lead the support for those who were asked to ‘shield’ and those who suddenly found themselves lonely and isolated, and those experiencing food insecurity.

This resulted in thousands of ordinary residents undertaking extraordinary roles in their communities, supporting neighbours and new friends to stay safe, and stay well.

Overnight, many of us in some ways assumed health and social care responsibilities for those needing care and support. Over 1000 people in Derby signed up to become ‘good neighbours’ – connecting with and supporting strangers who would become reliant upon the new friendship for assistance in getting shopping, prescriptions, or even a telephone call to relieve the isolation of lockdown.

But have you ever considered what it’s like to be on the other side of that? And to be the person who asks for, or needs support.

Take a moment to consider how you would feel in the shoes of that person, whose pride may have been hurt by reaching out for help.

To support the week, we will be sharing real life stories of those who have received support, and from people in different care services, which will highlight the importance of dignity, and how this has been impacted during the pandemic.

Residents can take also take part by becoming a Dignity Champion. The national dignity in care campaign has aimed to encourage people to register as dignity champions and there are already over 1000 of them in Derby and Derbyshire. Many of them are making changes, usually simple, often cost-free changes which improve the services people have. This is the key point about dignity work - it is about practical changes at the face-to-face point of service delivery.

To register yourself as a dignity champion, visit the Dignity in Care website.

Dame Joan Bakewell, Dignity in Care Ambassador said:

Dignity Action Day highlights a more respectful way of behaving towards vulnerable people. The very old and the very young clearly need our respect, but it wouldn't do any harm to spread the dignity message across the population then we can all benefit.

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