Smarter bins, smarter streets

Published: 24 March 2021

Litter bin on street

Litter bin in Derby city centre

Over the last few months, Derby City Council’s Streetpride teams have been busy installing smart technology in 200 litter bins across the city, helping to drive efficiency and reduce littering.

The new sensors, supplied by Enevo, use predictive ‘fill-level’ technology. The wireless technology monitors how fast a bin is filling and lets the crews back at base know when it needs emptying.

The installation of the sensors on 200 ‘hot-spot’ bins has already dramatically reduced the number of overflowing bin complaints made by residents. It’s also reduced litter in surrounding areas, improving the street scene in communities city wide.

Not only are streets looking smarter but the initiative is helping to improve the Council’s carbon footprint by reducing vehicle emissions. By only visiting bins that need emptying instead of checking every litter bin, there are fewer vehicles on the road for less time.

So far the internet-based technology has reduced unnecessary trips to bins by 53%.

Similar technology has been used effectively by other local authorities and now it’s here in Derby too, with hopes to expand the scheme to more areas.

Data sent back by the smart bins could also help teams decide if areas need additional bins to reduce littering.

A Council spokesperson commented:

“No one wants to see litter on the streets or overflowing litter bins in their area. This use of modern technology is a huge help towards making the city cleaner and greener. I’m thrilled with the difference that has been made so far by using this simple technology and the way it can help shape services for the future.

However, whilst we’re taking steps to make our service modern and efficient, we still need residents to do their bit by using the litter bins we provide or taking their rubbish home with them.”

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