Be a considerate neighbour this fireworks season

Published: 26 October 2021

people watching fireworks

Derby City Council’s Trading Standards team are urging residents to consider the effects of fireworks.

With fireworks season approaching, Derby City Council’s Trading Standards team are urging residents to be good neighbours and consider the effects of fireworks on residents and wildlife.

A number of large, organised displays have been arranged in the city, including at Derbyshire County Cricket Club.

For those planning their own displays at home, the advice is to be conscious of neighbours who may be elderly, have young children or pets, and may be unable to cope with sudden loud noises. People should check if there are any farm animals nearby as startled animals can injure themselves.

When buying fireworks, only purchase from licensed shop premises and make sure any fireworks have a CE mark and clear instructions and warnings. For storage, fireworks should be kept out of reach of children and animals, and away from flammable materials.

In built-up areas, reduced noise or silent fireworks are encouraged as the noise can bounce off close buildings.  A number of these are available on the market and provide the same visual impact as louder alternatives.

Residents are also reminded that fireworks must not be set off between 11.00pm and 7.00am except for on Bonfire Night, when the cut off is midnight, or New Years Eve, Diwali, and Chinese New Year, when the cut off is 1.00am. By law, fireworks cannot be set off or thrown in any public space or carried by anyone under 18.

When using fireworks residents should follow:

  • Light sparklers one at a time, wearing gloves and never give sparklers to a child under 5. Children over 5 should be supervised and sparklers should be placed into water after use.
  • Light fireworks at arm’s length using a taper then stand well back. Never return to a lit firework.
  • Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw fireworks.
  • Have a full bucket of water handy for any emergency, and for putting used sparklers into.
  • Make sure that the fire is out and the surrounding area is made safe before leaving.

Councillor Jonathan Smale, Cabinet Member for Place and Community Development, said:

Fireworks can be great fun for the family but they can also be distressing for animals and neighbours with health conditions that mean they can’t cope with loud, unexpected noises.

It is also important to remember that a lot of modern properties have smaller gardens, which may be completely unsuitable for a private fireworks display.  Where possible we would urge people to attend an organised display instead.

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