Livewell Client of the month - October

Published: 6 October 2021

Client award Oct 21

Lyam Jaques - Livewell Client of the Month

Advisor Joe nominated Lyam for embracing a complete lifestyle overhaul.  Joining the programme in April, Lyam has changed his exercise and eating habits to become a healthier, happier and fitter version of himself.

28-year-old Lyam from Mickleover has lost two stone (10% of his body weight) in six months.  Before he joined Livewell, Lyam could barely stand, let alone walk the short distance to his local shop.  Munching his way through family-sized bags of crisps and chocolates, his back and knees ached constantly and acted as a permanent reminder of the excess weight he was carrying.

Read more about his story:

“A few years back I was involved in a car accident, which affected my mobility and made it difficult for me to move around.  I ate out of comfort and boredom and tucked into takeaways, crisps and other junk food, easily enough for four people every day. 

When I stepped on the scales earlier this year I was shocked to find I was six stone heavier.  I never imagined I’d gained so much weight.  I couldn’t believe how rubbish I felt, I was out of breath doing the simplest of things.  At a similar time, I received a text from my doctors about Livewell’s weight loss programme, so I decided to sign up.

It didn’t take an expert to tell me I was eating far too much but I wasn’t sure how to eat healthily without feeling satisfied.  Talking to my advisor, Joe, I found ways I could feel full on a balanced diet.  I cut out snacks and filled my plate with fibre-filled salad and veggies.  I can honestly say I don’t feel the hunger pangs eating sensibly and mindfully.

Once lockdown eased, Joe arranged a gym induction at Springwood Leisure Centre and I started using the treadmill and other equipment - just a couple of minutes at a time to start with.  Aqua classes also enabled me to exercise more easily as the water supported my painful joints.  Gradually I built up my stamina.

I also started walking more, taking the stairs and moving more generally.  I’ve increased from barely reaching 300 steps a day to 9000 (on a busy day) and from 1-minute of brisk walking to 35 minutes.

Feeling fitter and being able to do things I couldn’t before is great but I didn’t expect the positive changes to my mental wellbeing.  Before I had days I couldn’t get out of bed, I just couldn’t see the point, now I get up bright and early ready to start the day in a positive way.  That’s just one of many priceless benefits that are keeping me going. The rest of my journey might not be as smooth but I’m on the way to my target weight. 

I'd like to say a big thank you to Joe for his support and being there when I needed to answer my questions.”

Livewell Advisor, Joe Wilkinson added:

“Lyam is a prime example of what can be achieved on the Livewell programme when you fully embrace it.  Making small sustainable changes each day to improve his daily activity, health and lifestyle are clearly benefitting Lyam and our team will be here to support him to reach his end goal.  Good luck Lyam!”

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