Climate Change Action Plan submitted for Cabinet approval

Published: 7 June 2022

Flood water River Derwent next to Council House

The Council is pledging to reduce emissions and achieve net-zero by 2035.

A key report which identifies actions to address greenhouse gas emissions produced by the Council will be presented to Council Cabinet for approval on Wednesday, 15 June.

Following the declaration of a Climate Emergency in May 2019, Council Officers set about establishing how and where Council greenhouse gas emissions come from and what actions are needed to reduce these emissions to achieve net-zero by 2035.

The plan being presented to Cabinet is the first of what is expected to be several plans that succeed one another. It highlights over 100 specific actions and projects that officers will work on over the next two years (2022 – 2024) to continue reducing emissions produced by the Council.

Some of the key projects and actions include:

  • Ensuring that all Derby Homes properties are energy efficient by retrofitting wall insulation and other measures like installing solar panels.
  • Updating and changing lighting to low energy LED’s at all Council sites
  • Looking at contracts so that our energy comes exclusively from renewable sources
  • Replacing our vehicles and equipment with electric or low-emission alternatives

One of the biggest challenges in the plan looks at encouraging officers and councillors to put Climate Change at the heart of the work they do and understanding the potential impacts on Council emissions. To address this, a number of Councillors and Officers have already undertaken accredited Carbon Literacy training with more planned in the near future.

Following the exercise to understand the source of Council carbon emissions, the report explains that just 2% of emissions in the city are a result of Council activity but as an organisation, the Council has the ability to influence a much larger proportion of those emissions.

Alongside the Council’s own action plan, a city-wide commission, led by the University of Derby is working to establish a refreshed Climate Change Strategy for Derby. Working in partnership the Council can influence the strategy as place-shapers and civic leaders, helping to put not just the Council, but the city as a whole on the path to net-zero.

Councillor Steve Hassall, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Decarbonisation, Strategic Planning and Transport commented:

Our Council Plan is really clear that we want Derby to be a Green City and our Climate Change Action Plan is one piece of the puzzle. It’s vital that we show not just Council Officers but all of our residents that we take climate change, and the challenges it presents our city, seriously.

I have always been very clear that our climate is something that transcends politics and as such should be given the significance and attention it deserves by including all political parties in this process, which is exactly what I have encouraged by affording the opportunity to the Council’s Climate Champions, made up of cross-party members, to have their say and input into this plan.

We know that our Action Plan is also about more than just the climate and carbon emissions. The co-benefits for our residents include better public health, reduced inequalities and a cleaner, greener city where we can all thrive together.

On Tuesday 14 June, Councillors on the Executive Scrutiny Board will be given the opportunity to discuss the Climate Change Action Plan and make recommendations to Cabinet.

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