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New website - FAQs

Most of our visitors now use the website on a mobile device, so we needed to improve their browsing experience. The old templates were not fully optimised for mobile and tablets.

The website has not had a full redesign since 2011 and looks out of date and cluttered compared to other modern websites.

We also wanted to make this website as easy to use as possible, with clear calls to action, news and campaign areas.

We used award winning design agency, Jadu Spacecraft, who are based here in the East Midlands, to:

  • Produce design concepts, wireframes and visual mock-ups with a modern 'look and feel' and a focus on a high quality user experience (UX).
  • Manage and moderate use case scenario sessions, with our Digital and Web Team, to consider how different users use the site.
  • Project manage the design and discovery phase.
  • Produce iterations of 3 design prototypes to fine-tune the final accepted designs (each design concept included page layouts for a new homepage, landing page, content page, specialist service page)
  • Produce all HTML, CSS and JavaScript code and all additional visual resources.
  • Validate all supplied resources for compliance with accessibility standards.

The total cost was £55,500.

All of the subsequent site build, and all of the content migration, was done by our Digital and Web Team in our existing content management system.

We have not procured any additional software or hardware as we have used our existing web servers and network infrastructure.

It is not just the look and feel of the website that has been improved.

Several areas of content have been completely rewritten to be:

  • Easier to read and understand.
  • Less cluttered and with less jargon.
  • Able to find and complete tasks quicker.

After the website is launched, we will continue to rewrite the rest of the content.

Overall the site will have several new features:

  • Better responsive design for desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Easier to find what you're looking for with simplified and clear navigation.
  • Easier to get help - prominent links to report, pay, book, apply.
  • Cleaner page layouts, less cluttered pages.
  • Quick access to all services.
  • Prominent call to actions.
  • Improved site search.
  • Improved accessibility to enable as many people as possible to access our services online.
  • More representative of Derby – sense of place.

We are moving all of our news into this website from the current Newsroom website.

We are also improving our QA processes for content production and publication.

We will be reviewing all website downloads, over the next 6 months, to make sure that they are also of a high standard.

You may need to update your bookmarks.

Links to service area landing pages have not changed, but some content pages have moved.

We have also removed a lot of old content that was no longer required.