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Air Quality Scheme Update - August 2019

Key Scheme Elements

Central Government have awarded interim funding for the key scheme elements required to deliver the Roadside NO2 project. This includes:

  • Changes to the junctions at either end of Stafford Street to limit traffic flow at the exceedance point.
  • Changes to improve capacity at the Ashbourne Road / Uttoxeter Old Road junction and on Friar Gate to help provide alternative route choices.
  • Traffic management measures to support the use of alternative routes, such as Uttoxeter Old Road.
  • Enhancement of the city’s Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC) system, to enable more dynamic management of traffic flows, with emissions reduction and air quality objectives prioritised alongside the need to manage the network, in particular at peak periods and when incidents occur on the network.
  • Improvements to the local highway network, including re-waterproofing and resurfacing of a bridge over a former railway line, to ensure medium-term network availability, resilience and reliability.

It has also been indicated that further funding will be made available for monitoring and evaluation of the scheme and for stakeholder management and communications.

Proposed Junction Amendments

The plans in the links below show the indicative proposals to be delivered in order to achieve Roadside NO2 compliance:

Proposed layout at Stafford St/ Curzon St/ Mercian Way/ Uttoxeter New Rd signalised roundabout

Proposed layout at Ashbourne Rd / Uttoxeter Old Rd / Brick Street / Friar Gate junction

Proposed layout at Friar Gate/ Bridge Street signalised junction

Further Information

Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s) will be required as part of some of these junction amendments, for which statutory consultation process will begin shortly. The full, detailed designs will be made publicly available over the coming weeks and will be published on the website.

The Council are committed to meeting the requirements of the ministerial direction to implement the scheme and achieve NO2 compliance in the shortest possible time. The package of measures proposed under the Local Air Quality Plan is part of wider air quality improvement work being undertaken by the Council. The Council has developed a range of measures that are essential in supporting air quality improvements in Derby. Please see the Supporting projects section of the website for further information.

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