Public Consultation

To make sure that the Council understands your views which will inform our proposals and help us achieve a local solution that will also meet our legal requirements, an eight week consultation took place on the three proposals, from Monday 30th July until Monday 24th September 2018. The results of the consultation have now been produced and can be viewed online.

Over 2,500 responses were received along with additional feedback from a range of stakeholders including residents, local businesses, public transport operators, taxi/private hire operators and HGV operators, which has helped identify and develop further the best scheme for Derby.

Source of commentNumber of responses
Online responses 2,521
Paper responses 16
Letters and emails 33

The results have been used to inform the further work we have undertaken to help us determine the most appropriate solution for Derby.

Of the three options set out in the consultation document the overwhelming support was for option one - the traffic management solution and the Council’s preferred option.  Just under three quarters of respondents (73.6%) agreed with the main measures set out in option one, compared to just 27.5% for option two (charging zone within the inner ring road) and 17.1% for option three (charging zone within the outer ring road).

We have given the feedback careful consideration, along with other technical evidence in order to select and refine our preferred option, which we can announce is Option One - Traffic Measures on Stafford Street.

A further three week consultation took place following the preferred option announcement, to Wednesday 31st November,to get further views and opinions on the preferred option, to enable the Council to to best shape and refine the air quality plan that will be submitted to government at the end of the year, to ensure we get the best local solution which also meets our legal requirements”

A public event was also held in the Council House on Thursday 15th November. A list of FAQs generated from the second consultation will be published soon.


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