Clean Air Zones FAQs

  • What is a clean air zone?

    A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is to be part of the City, yet to be determined, where targeted action is taken to improve air quality.  The Government has ordered us to improve air quality.

    The Council has been working under a direction from Government to deliver a CAZ in Derby. 

  • When will a CAZ be introduced?

    The Government requires us to implement the CAZ before the end of 2019.

    The timescale is very challenging and the Council will be required to respond to the demands set by Government  throughout the project.

  • Why Derby?

    The Government had to comply with an EU Directive to improve air quality.  Their analysis indicated that Derby was one of nearly 30 local authorities outside London where levels of nitrogen dioxide from transport were likely to exceed the EU values in 2020, unless action was taken.  

    The Government then decided to request the creation of a CAZ in each location as the action to improve air quality.

  • Will a clean air zone affect me?

    The Council is responding to Government by seeking a locally proportionate and deliverable solution.  We will work with a wide range of partners to try and secure funding from the Joint Air Quality Unit (DEFRA and DfT), and any other available grants, to assist affected individuals and groups with the transition to lower emission vehicles and to help address any other implications of the CAZ.

  • Where will the Clean Air Zone extend to?

    We don’t know, but we are working with Government to better define the requirements for a zone and to ensure that any zone best meets the needs of our city.

    Provisional working options for the CAZ have been developed. The options are intended only to suggest possible geographical extents of the CAZ that are being considered as a possible solution. 

  • What measures will be included in a Clean Air Zone?

    We are working with the Joint Air Quality Unit (DEFRA and DfT)  to identify measures that could be implemented.

    We have also received funding through the Air Quality Grant for projects which helps support the CAZ.

    Retro-fitting of Council’s HGV fleet with emissions reduction technology


    Cleaner taxis research and engagement programme £29,750

    Air quality awareness and engagement campaign, including National Clean Air Day 15th June 2017

    In conjunction with Global Action Plan and Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds , Manchester and Nottingham City Councils


    In addition we will encourage people to make their journeys in future by cleaner means such as walking, cycling and using low-emission vehicles. There are various projects being taken forward by the City Council to support this, including:

    • OLEV Go Ultra Low City Project, in conjunction with Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire County Councils, including taking forward the provision of additional electric vehicle charging points

    • Sustainable Travel Access fund £2.73m to support sustainable transport


  • The requirement for a Clean Air Zone relates to EU regulations. How does Brexit change things?

    We've already asked this question and the Government's current position is that Brexit will not affect the implementation of Clean Air Zones.

  • Are you looking for 'fleet change' for affected vehicles?

    Ideally, yes, we would want to see that the CAZ is facilitating the early uptake of low emission vehicles. However we recognise that the timescales are very demanding and have made the Government aware that it will be difficult for affected operators and vehicle owners to upgrade to the relevant standards by the deadline. 

    We will work closely with stakeholders to make them aware of any available resources to help support the early take up of low emission vehicles. 

  • Further information on the Clean Air Zone

    The Government published the Clean Air Zone Framework in May 2017 which gives further details on the different types of CAZs that can be introduced.  

  • Will private cars be next?

    We honestly don't know at this stage.  There are no plans at present.