Abbey Street Area Consultation

As part of our aim to improve cycling infrastructure across the city, we are asking local residents, businesses and other stakeholders around the Abbey Street area to comment on proposals to upgrade cycle facilities along Curzon Street, Abbey Street, Newland Street, Forman Street and Monk Street North to enhance cycle connectivity from Wardwick to Mercian Way.

The proposed changes to existing traffic management and parking arrangements in the Abbey Street area include:

  • New and upgraded pedestrian and cycle crossings at the Abbey Street/Curzon Street Junction.

  • Closing Newland Street to motor vehicles at its junction with Abbey Street and revoking the existing one way. This would create space for new crossing facilities and promote two way cycling. The existing planting area at the south west side of the junction would be redesigned and replanted.

  • Introducing a new shared use cycle lane on the west side of Abbey Street to provide a link from Curzon Street to Monk Street North. This would utilise part of the wide verge.

  • Simplifying the Abbey Street/Forman Street/Macklin Street crossroads by realigning Abbey Street and making Forman Street/Monk Street North one way from Curzon Street except for cyclists and prohibiting the right turn out of Forman Street onto Abbey Street. This would realign Forman Street to create a separate T Junction and reduce conflict at the crossroads junction with Macklin Street. This proposal would help reduce through traffic on the residential section of the road and reduce vehicle conflicts on Abbey Street and Curzon Street.

  • Narrowing Monk Street North to create a widened shared use footway/cycle way on the east side of the road. This would extend the off road cycle link to Mercian Way.

  • Introducing a new loading only bay on Monk Street North to support deliveries to the shops. This would replace a short length of existing Pay & Display parking.

  • Introducing additional Pay & Display parking (Max two hours, Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm, Sunday 10am to 4pm) with permit holder exemptions on Monk Street North and Forman Street to replace no waiting at any time restrictions.

  • Introducing advisory cycle lanes on Forman Street and Macklin Street.

  • Introducing a section of mandatory cycle lane on Curzon Street.

Consultation is open to residents, occupants and business owners within the Abbey Street Area until 1st December 2017.  If you would like to comment on the proposals, please email


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