Bus lanes and bus stops

We have the responsibility of making sure public transport is as reliable as possible, this means making sure that only buses are using bus stops and bus lanes.

Along with keeping parking outside schools safe, our CCTV mounted camera car also enforces regulations on vehicles entering and parking in bus stop clearways - bus stops marked with a broad yellow line against the kerb.

All of the bus lanes in Derby are 24 hours, 7 days a week, apart from the bus lane on Normanton Road, which does not operate on a Sunday.

Along with our CCTV car, we have installed a number of pole mounted CCTV cameras on certain bus stops and bus lanes across Derby. These cameras record any vehicle which enters or parks in a bus lane; the footage recorded is then reviewed by our Operations Team to assess whether a Penalty Charge Notice should be issued to the vehicle in question.

See here for more information on why we use CCTV cameras as means of enforcement.