What is a protective entrance marking and how do I get one?

A protective entrance marking (PEM) are white lines painted in front a dropped kerb leading to an access point. The lines themselves are not enforceable but are a reminder to drivers to not block the access point.

You can apply to have a PEM installed by the council at a cost of £60, please complete the form below.

If you currently have a PEM installed and your access is blocked by another vehicle parked on the PEM, contact the operations team on 07917 233 812.

Please note there are number of exceptions, such as:

  • It does not apply where a vehicle is parked outside residential premises with the occupier’s consent (but it does apply if that consent has been paid for) or where the driveway is shared. These exceptions suggest that authorities should not take enforcement action where a vehicle is parked outside residential premises unless the occupier has asked the enforcement authority to do so. Authorities will need to check that the individual making such a request is entitled to do so.
  • Where the vehicle is parked wholly within a designated parking place or any other part of the carriageway where parking is specifically authorised

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