What is it like to be a Civil Enforcement Officer?

Being a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) is a challenging but rewarding job that provides a service to the City of Derby.

The role is varied and no two days are ever the same. In addition to enforcement we also provide information to members of the public and try to help advise where vehicles can legitimately park. We also attend schools to try and educate parents about the hazards of dangerous parking, especially around schools at pick-up and drop-off times where many schools in the City have parking problems.

From time to time we run special operations where we focus on certain areas of parking, such as blue badge misuse, where we dedicate a working day to tackle drivers who are actively abusing the privileges of blue badges, from using a badge belonging to a family member to ones that have been stolen.

We also like to work with the local Police to try and tackle dangerous parking within Derby, they also sometimes attend schools with our officers.

A recent parking operation, 'Operation Moor', was introduced to tackle parking problems around the Darley and Mackworth area, as residents were unhappy with the state of parking in the neighbourhood. You can read about one of our officers who took part in this operation by reading the following article on the Council's News website, DCC Introducing - Lewis Dodd, Civil Enforcement Officer.

A CEO patrolling Normanton Road with two PCSO's.

One of the team on patrol with two PCSO's in Normanton