Cashless parking

We are delighted to announce the introduction of cashless parking across the city, providing you with a more convenient way to pay. You will now be able to pay using the MiPermit phone application and from June you will be able to pay by card at some of our multi-storey car parks.

Why go cashless?

We believe that cashless parking is beneficial to both the customer and the Council, cashless parking:-

  • is better for the environment by reducing the number of pay and display tickets used
  • is hassle free, no need to have change
  • is quick and easy with the use of MiPermit
  • provides text messages to remind you when your parking is about to expire
  • allows you to extend your parking without returning to your car
  • allows smartphone users to download the MiPermit application or use their website

Card payments

From June, the following multi-storey car parks will accept card payments:-

  • Bold Lane Car Park
  • Chapel Street Car Park
  • Assembly Rooms Car Park


As well as cash and card payments at some of our multi-storey car parks, you will be able to use MiPermit to pay for parking within our on and off street parking facilities where pay and display restrictions apply.

How to use MiPermit

Each of our parking locations will display a 6 digit 'Location Code' on the pay and display machines which identifies your parking location. Please see our MiPermit application user guide for a step by step on how to use the mobile application to pay for parking.

You can pay for your parking with MiPermit by using the downloadable mobile application, available on Apple and Android devices:

Alternatively, you can make payment over the phone by calling MiPermit directly on: 0345 505 1155.

You can also pay for your parking by visiting the MiPermit website and searching for Derby in the location or by selecting Derby City Council on the drop down list.

Please see either our MiPermit website user guide for mobile phone users for use on a mobile phone or MiPermit website user guide for PC users for use on a PC for a step by step on ow to use the MiPermit website to pay for parking.

MiPermit costs

The use of MiPermit will result in the following extra charges added to your parking charge:-

  • 10p per transaction
  • 10p for a text reminder, which will notify you when the parking duration you have paid for is due to expire, this feature is optional.

Why use MiPermit?

As well as how easy this service is to use, our customers:-

  • No longer need change to buy a ticket on street and within surface level car parks
  • Can pay for your parking up to 7 days in advance (this does not guarantee a parking space)
  • Can extend the parking duration without returning to their car
  • Help reduce the number of pay and display tickets which are wasted

If you have any questions about MiPermit cashless parking, please contact MiPermit:

Telephone: 0345 520 7007