Residential permits

We have introduced resident-only parking zones in some areas of Derby where residents and businesses have faced problems with on-street parking.

In these areas, permits are available for:

  • Residents
  • Visitors
  • Businesses
  • Customers

We would ask that you consider purchasing a permit holder for use in displaying your permit correctly, as from time to time, your permit might displaced without your knowledge and a PCN could be issued. You may purchase a permit holder directly from the eStore for £1.

Our Civil Enforcement Officers carry out regular patrols to make sure the spaces are used correctly. The income generated from the sale of permits help to fund effective enforcement across Derby.

Please note: Vehicles which are classed as 'Heavy Goods Vehicles' (HGVs) or those that weigh 7.5 tonnes or more are not eligible for resident-only or visitor permits.