Business permits

Businesses can purchase annual permits for vehicles that are required for operational use within the business. Registered charities may buy permits at a discounted rate.

You will be required to provide proof that the business is operating from the declared address and give a reason why the vehicle is essential for the business.

You may also buy visitor permits for 40p each. To validate the permit, users must scratch off the day, date and month before clearly displaying the permit on the dashboard.


  • Business visitor permits are only valid while visiting the permit issuer on the date displayed.
  • Business visitor permits may be reused as many times as needed on the scratched-off date only, but they become invalid as soon as the user leaves the street.
  • Business visitor permits must be clearly displayed on the dashboard during scheme hours.
  • Business visitor permits are for customers only, not for commuters/employees.
  • Business visitor permits are issued/purchased for use of visitors to the business only and cannot be resold for any value, any business visitor permits found to be sold on may result in all other permits issued to the business being revoked.