I am a care worker, do I need a permit?

Residents who have a care worker that visits on a regular basis may apply for an annual permit for the carer. The cost is £25 a year.

Conditions of use

  • We will need to see supporting documents, such as a letter from a GP or the Council’s Adult Social Care service confirming that a care worker is needed.
  • The permit applies only in resident parking zones and limited waiting areas if you have a permit holder’s exemption.
  • The permit is provided to the resident, if they live in the resident-only parking zone/area
  • The resident needs to hand the permit to the carer when visiting to display in their vehicle.
  • The permit is not valid unless it is clearly displayed.
  • The permit is not valid on yellow lines, in disabled spaces, or in private parking areas.
  • The permit does not guarantee a parking space.

Please note: The permit is not valid in bays where pay and display restrictions apply.