Resident-only parking zones

There are a number of resident-only parking zones within Derby. To find out more information about each zone or if you need a permit for where you live, please see to the following list of leaflets which provide further details on the matter.

For residential parking information you can download any of the following leaflets:

Parking ZoneArea
Zone 1 Hartington Street
Zone 2 Drewry Lane
Zone 3 Larges Street
Zone 4 Liversage Trust
Zone 5 Harcourt Street
Zone 6 Kings Drive
Zone 7 Renals Street
Zone 8 Twyford Street
Zone 9 Arboretum Square
Zone 10 Markeaton Street
Zone 11 Broadway
Zone 12 Amber Road
Zone 13 Osmaston Road
Zone 14 - North St Albans Road and Albany Road North
Zone 14 - South St Albans Road and Albany Road South
Zone 15 Mundy Street
Zone 16 Castleward
Zone 17 Chestnut Avenue
Zone 23 Maxwell Avenue
Zone 24 Kedleston Road Service South
Zone 25 Crompton Street
Zone 26 Mount Street
Parking ZoneAreaFree Until
Zone 19 Chester Green South January 2019
Zone 20 Chester Green North January 2019
Zone 21 Chester Green East January 2019
Zone 27 Manchester Street June 2019
Zone 28 Abbotts Barn Close July 2019