Visitor permits

You can purchase visitor permits to give to your visitors when they visit your property.

These are issued in sheets of 4 costing 80p (20p per permit), you are able to buy up to 10 sheets (40 permits) at a time.

Your visitor must scratch off the day, date and month of the visiting day for the permit to be valid, before clearly displaying they permit on their dashboard.


  • Visitor permits are only valid while visiting the address printed on the permit.
  • Visitor permits may be reused as many times as needed on the scratched-off date.
  • Visitor permits must be clearly displayed on the dashboard during scheme hours.
  • Visitor permits are issued/purchased for use of visitors to your property and cannot be resold for any value, any visitor permits found to be sold to others may result in all other permits issued to the resident concerned being revoked.