What happens if I ignore the letters sent to me?

Please don't ignore letters we send you.

If you don’t contact us or make a payment we will eventually pass the outstanding debt to our Enforcement Agents (formerly known as Bailiffs).

Once the Enforcement Agents have the debt, any costs that they incur will be added to the outstanding Penalty Charge.

As from 6 April 2014, new legislation has been introduced, namely, the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013.

This will mean that any debts sent to the Enforcement Agents after this date will be dealt with in a different way to debts sent prior to this date.

Under the new legislation the initial letter sent to the debtor by the Enforcement Agents will immediately incur an additional charge of £75.00 for each Penalty Charge Notice.

The Enforcement Agents will also apply other standard fees, such as £230.00 for any visits made and £105.00 for removal fees. Additional fees can also be incurred dependant on the situation but these will also be in line with the new legislation.