Schools, bus lanes and bus stops – parking enforcement

We have a duty to tackle inconsiderate and dangerous parking. We are also committed to improving safety outside schools and increasing the reliability of public transport.

That’s why, from November 2013, we started to use our current CCTV cameras, and a camera car with a mobile, roof-mounted CCTV camera, to enforce regulations around:

  • vehicles parking and dropping off in the ‘keep clear’ areas outside 22 Derby schools
  • vehicles entering and parking in bus stop clearways – bus stops marked with a broad yellow line against the kerb
  • vehicles entering and parking in bus lanes.

Why are you using this system of enforcement?

The use of our current CCTV cameras and the new camera car will allow us to enforce parking offences without the need to position officers in the street. We will be able to detect offences in areas where it is too dangerous or difficult to position officers, and where enforcement would be particularly time consuming and resource intensive. It will also give us more flexibility to respond to demands from the public for action to be taken.

What is the issue outside schools?

Parking on the ‘school keep clear’ markings outside schools in the mornings and afternoons is a significant safety issue and results in many complaints being received by both our Parking Services and Neighbourhood teams. While we cannot control the majority of parking near schools, it is possible for us to manage the ‘keep clear’ areas where inconsiderate stopping or parking creates danger for pedestrians as well as causing congestion. School parking problems can be reported directly to the Parking Enforcement team by e-mailing

We have reviewed the ‘keep clear’ markings outside all our schools and introduced Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) for 20 schools, to add to the two TROs already in place. These TROs seek to discourage drivers from stopping or parking in the ‘keep clear’ areas during certain times in the morning and afternoon. We believe the use of the new camera car will make a big difference in how we enforce these regulations.

Which schools have a Traffic Regulation Order?

At the following schools, you may be fined if you stop on the 'school keep clear' markings between 8.15am and 9.15am, and between 3.00pm and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday:  

Alvaston Infant and Nursery School: Elvaston Lane

Alvaston Junior Community School: Elvaston Lane

Asterdale Primary School: Borrowash Road

Becket Primary School: Stockbrook Street and Werburgh Street

Bemrose School: Radcliffe Drive and Rowditch Avenue

Bishop Lonsdale Cof E Primary School: St Albans Road

Brackensdale Infant School: both markings on Brackensdale Avenue

Breadsall Hill Top Infant and Junior School: St Andrews View

Brookfield Primary School: Brierfield Way, Mickleover

Carlyle Infant School: both markings on Carlisle Avenue

Chaddesden Park Primary School: Tennessee Road

Cherry Tree Hill Primary School: both markings on Sunny Grove

Cherry Tree Hill Primary School: Lime Grove

Dale Community Primary School: both markings on Belvoir Street 

Da Vinci Community College: St Andrews View

First Estate School: Percy Street and Raven Street

Markeaton Primary School: Bromley Street

Mickleover Primary School: Vicarage Road, Mickleover

Pear Tree Infants and Junior School: Harrington Street and Pear Tree Street

Portway Infants School: Woodlands Road

Ravensdale Junior School: Devonshire Drive, opposite Chestnut Avenue

Reigate Primary School: Reigate Drive and Finchley Drive

Roe Farm Primary School: both markings on St Andrews View

Roe Farm Primary School: Perth Street

St James' C of E Junior School: both markings on Reginald Street

Shelton Junior School: Carlton Gardens

St Chad’s C of E Nursery and Infant School: Gordon Road

St George's School: Uplands Avenue

St John Fisher Catholic Primary School: Alvaston Street

Woodlands Community School: both markings on Blenheim Drive

Wren Park Primary School:  Jackson Avenue.

At the following school, you may be fined if you stop on the 'school keep clear' markings between 8.15am and 9.15am, and between 2.15pm and 3.45pm, Monday to Friday: 

Noel Baker Community School and Language College: both markings on Bracknell Drive.

What is the issue with bus lanes?

It is important that bus lanes are kept free for buses, so that they are not delayed by other vehicles. In some instances bus lanes provide access to sensitive areas where there are large numbers of pedestrians while other bus lanes give buses priority at traffic signals. To ensure that we get the very best from both public transport and our road system, it is important that the guidance and rules we set out are followed. Using our current CCTV cameras, and the new camera car, is the only option available to us to help control unauthorised access to bus lanes. 

Where are the city’s bus lanes?

Abbey Street, Albert and Victoria Streets, King Street, Nottingham Road, Phoenix Street, Sinfin Lane, Traffic Street, Uttoxeter New Road, outside Costco (adjacent to A52/Chequers Road), Osmaston Rd, Siddalls Rd, Burton Road, Friar Gate, and Normanton Road. Some businesses have a legitimate need to use the bus lanes to access premises. Requests for permission to use the bus lane should be made in advance via e-mail to Before requesting access consideration needs to be given to using an alternative route. Routes to access premises which are on bus lane routes

What is the issue with bus stops?

It is important to make sure that buses are able to access bus stops. Pulling up to the kerb enables access to and from the bus by wheelchair users and pushchairs, and ensures that anyone with a mobility impairment has the best opportunity to use public transport. Cameras will be used to improve driver behaviour where there are persistent problems at bus stops and in locations where we receive complaints. The use of cameras will run alongside the actions that are already carried out by our Civil Enforcement Officers.

Where are the city’s bus stop clearways?

Bus stop clearways have been introduced in locations where buses have been prevented from accessing stops due to inconsiderate parking. Not all bus stops are bus stop clearways but, where they do exist, they will be properly signed and marked.

What is the penalty for breaching one of the regulations?

  • The penalty for travelling in a bus lane is £60, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.
  • The penalty for stopping on school ‘keep clear’ markings and obstructing bus stops is £70, reduced to £35 if paid within 21 days.

These levels are set nationally.

Any revenue raised from penalty charges must be used by the Council to support activities and investment in transport infrastructure.


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