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13th November 2019 - Update on planned works

Due to flooding issues on Chequers Road that remained after the weekend, some of the night time closures at the Wyvern were not put in place on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  These issues have now been resolved and from Wednesday 13th November the night time closures detailed below will be in place.

We have been able to continue working in other areas during the day and night and there are currently no plans to extend the night time closures after 22nd November.  Work to increase highway capacity in the run up to Christmas will then continue in the daytime.

Next phase of work at Wyvern from Monday 11th November 2019

From Monday 11th November 2019 the next phase of work will commence on Wyvern Way. Work will continue during the day and there will be an extra working shift over night to construct the roundabout at the junction of Wyvern Way and Derwent Parade.

This additional night working is part of a coordinated push to ensure we can open up the maximum network capacity for local businesses over the Christmas period, and enhance pedestrian safety during the darker evenings.

Night time work on Wyvern Way between 11th and 22nd November 2019

The night time work will take place each week night between the hours of 8.30pm and 6.00am from Monday 11th to Friday 15th November and the following week from Monday 18th to Friday 22nd November.

Whilst these night time works are carried out, there will be no access on to Wyvern Way from Derwent Parade or from the A52 Eastbound (out of Derby).  Vehicles travelling in to the Wyvern will need to use the A52 Westbound off slip to Wyvern Way.  Vehicles leaving the Wyvern will be diverted eastbound along Wyvern Way to the slip road on to the A52 Eastbound.

Drivers diverted on to the A52 Eastbound and wanting to return towards Derby will need to follow the signed diversion route - exiting the A52 Eastbound, keeping right at the fork towards Spondon roundabout, turning right round the roundabout, returning on the A52 Westbound.

There will be a lane closure in place on Wyvern Way westbound between the roundabouts at Derwent Parade and Stanier Way. Vehicles travelling to the Wyvern Retail Park will follow the diversion route turning left at the Derwent parade junction then left into Pullman Road.  Vehicles leaving the retail park will need to turn left from Pullman Road on to Wyvern Way to the slip road on to the A52 Eastbound.

Wyvernside will also be closed at the junction with Wyvern Way. Vehicles will be able to use Chequers Road to get to and from Costco, Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC.  Chequers Road bus lane will be temporarily revoked between 8.30pm and 6.00am (on each night Monday to Friday) and temporary traffic signals will be in use.

Illustrative map for overnight road closures on Wyvern - 11.11.19

Road closure Diversion route
Derwent Parade from Roundabout 1 (near Millennium Way) to Wyvern Way Derwent Parade, A6 Pride Parkway, A6 Station Approach, A601 Holmes Bridge, Darwin Place, Eastgate, A52 Eastbound, Spondon Interchange (Asda roundabout), then A52 Westbound to the Wyvern Way off slip
A52 Eastbound off Slip road on to Wyvern Way  A52 Eastbound to Spondon Interchange (Asda roundabout), then A52 Westbound to the Wyvern Way off slip
The Sidings  Pullman Road
Wyvernside from its junction with Wyvern Way (for a distance of 50m) A52 Westbound, Pentagon Island, Chequers Road

Daytime work on Wyvern Way – temporary traffic signals at The Sidings

Work will continue in the daytime on the roundabouts and along Wyvern Way.  From Monday 11th November temporary two-way traffic signals will be in place at the junction with The Sidings and Wyvern Way. The signals currently in place at Pullman Road will be removed. A concrete barrier is separating the lanes on Wyvern Way.  The temporary arrangements will continue with traffic only able to enter Pullman Road and The Sidings in an eastbound direction from Derwent Parade roundabout.

  • Vehicles will not be able to turn right from Wyvern Way into Pullman Road or The Sidings.
  • Vehicles exiting from Pullman Road and The Sidings will need to turn left towards Stanier Way roundabout. 
Wyvern traffic flow illustrative map from 9th September 2019

Council News - 6th November 2019 - Intensive Wyvern works to commence ahead of busy Christmas period

Update on A52 Westbound closures - 6th November 2019

Works that started on Monday 28th October on the A52 Westbound have been completed ahead of schedule and the road will be open as normal from 6th November 2019. 

Pedestrian diversions

From Friday 20th September, pedestrians will not be able to use the footpath on Wyvern Way (outside Burger King) and will need to follow the signed diversion routes.

From Pride Park, the alternative safe pedestrian route will be from Roundabout 1 (near Frankie and Benny's) then along Derwent Parade, on the same side as the football stadium, towards Wyvern Way.

Pedestrians travelling along the Riverside Path, out of Derby city centre, will be diverted under Derwent Parade to the south side Derwent Parade footpath.

Pedestrians travelling to the Highfield Lane bridge, to cross the A52 towards Chaddesden, will need to use the signed crossing points on Wyvern Way (outside KFC) to access Wyvernside and Chequers Road, and the same in the opposite direction.

Wyvern Pedestrian Diversion Illustrative Map - September 2019 

A52 off-slip to Wyvern Way and Wyvern Way roundabouts

The new slip road from the A52 westbound, towards Derby city centre, was opened on Monday 9th September.  Drivers can also now benefit from the additional lane on the A52 westbound carriageway from the Raynesway on-slip to Wyvern Way.

The two roundabouts on Wyvern Way – Derwent Parade and Stanier Way - are now open and operating with single lanes of traffic on a temporary basis whilst work is completed in the area.

Council News – 5th September 2019 – Update on works

Wyvern Way on-slip to A52 Westbound closure

Recent work to demolish Meadow Lane Footbridge, which links Chaddesden to the Wyvern and Pride Park areas, was completed successfully and ahead of schedule.  Now that the footbridge has been demolished, the next phase will involve works in the area near the Derwent Parade roundabout.  As well as needing the space to build the replacement footbridge, work will also take place to realign the slip roads between Wyvern and the A52 Westbound.

Wyvern Way on slip to A52 westbound (towards Derby city centre) – closed from 3rd June 2019 for 13 months

Vehicles travelling from Wyvern/Pride Park will be diverted along Derwent Parade to Pride Parkway (A6), continuing along Station Approach to Cock Pitt, turning right at the traffic lights to Holmes Bridge (A601) around Darwin Place to Eastgate and Pentagon Island.

Meadow Lane Footbridge

Meadow Lane Footbridge has now been demolished. The replacement bridge is expected to be opened in Spring 2020. Pedestrians will need to use the Highfield Lane footbridge, where diversions will be in place along Chequers Road and Wyvernside.


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