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Council News - 24th May 2019 - Work to commence on next phase of A52 Scheme 


A52 Wyvern Westbound on and off slip road closures

Now that the Meadow Lane footbridge has been demolished, the next phase will involve works in the area near the Derwent Parade roundabout.  As well as needing the space to build the replacement footbridge, work will also take place to create new slip roads both off and on to the A52. 

From Monday 3 June 2019, the A52/Wyvern westbound slip roads will be closed. Vehicles travelling to and from Wyvern/Pride Park will need to follow the signed diversion routes. A52-Wyvern_Slip_Road_Diversion_Plan

Wyvern Way off slip from A52 westbound

To Pride Park/Wyvern - continue on A52 westbound to Pentagon Island, Eastgate, Holmes Bridge (A601), Pride Parkway (A6), Derwent Parade.

Wyvern Way on slip to A52 westbound

From Wyvern/Pride Park - Derwent Parade, Pride Parkway (A6), Holmes Bridge (A601), Darwin Place, Eastgate to Pentagon Island then onto A52 eastbound.



Meadow Lane Footbridge closure and demolition

The demolition of Meadow Lane Footbridge has been completed ahead of schedule and the A52 Brian Clough Way is now fully open.

Work to demolish the footbridge on Friday night went as well as could be expected. The debris was then removed from the carriageway along with the temporary protective measures put in place prior to work starting. The carriageway has been swept and a final inspection carried out which meant the road could be opened early on Sunday 19 May.

Whilst the road was closed, teams from Highways, Grounds Maintenance and Street Cleansing carried out maintenance works on the areas outside of the safety cordon. 

Diversion route for pedestrians

During the closure, pedestrians will be able to use the Highfield Lane footbridge, where diversions will be in place along Chequers Road and Wyvernside. A temporary pedestrian crossing has been installed on Wyvern Way to assist crossing to the Wyvern and Stanier Way Business Park.

Planned works on A52 Brian Clough Way

A list of  scheduled forthcoming work is detailed below:

Date Details of restrictions Details of work

Friday 24th May

8.00pm - 6.00am

Westbound closure – Raynesway to Pentagon Island
Raynesway on-slip closed
Wyvern Way A52 westbound slip roads closed

Diversion route - Derby Road, Nottingham Road, Chaddesden

 Street lighting


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Meadow Lane footbridge closure and demolition

Replacement footbridge designs

A52 Transport Improvement Scheme Internal Audit Report

Last updated Friday 24th May 2019

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