Normanton road pavement resurfacing FAQs

  • What is happening at Normanton Road?

    We are replacing the existing footway  on Normanton Road between Grove Street and Lowerdale Road.  The existing slabs will be removed and replaced with a new tarmac surface.

  • Why are you replacing the footway?

    This section of footway is very poor and we are continually having to repair it to keep it safe for pedestrians in this busy district centre.

  • Is the road going to be resurfaced?

    We are completing surveys and a detailed design of the road this year. When funding becomes available, we will have a scheme ready to deliver.

  • When will work start?

    Work is planned to commence on Monday 12th September 2016.  Work will be completed Monday to Friday from 8.30am till 3.30pm.

  • Will you be working weekends?

    There will have to be some early Sunday working required at some key access points. Those likely to be affected will be made aware well in advance and temporary traffic management will be in place.

  • How long will the work take?

    We estimate that the work will take approximately 11 weeks, however this is subject to good weather and no unforeseen problems we may encounter along the way.

  • Where will the scheme start and finish?

    We will start at the junction of Grove Street and work down to Harriet Street. We will then move to the opposite side of the road and work from Belgrave Street to Moore Street. We will continue to work in short sections in this manner until we reach the pedestrian crossing by Whiston Street.

  • Will Normanton Road be closed?

    Normanton Road will remain open at all times, but there will be temporary traffic lights in place during the work. As a result journeys may take a little longer.

  • How are you going to manage all the traffic and people?

    Temporary traffic management will be in place to allow us to complete the work safely and efficiently. Temporary footways will be created to allow pedestrian access.  Marshals will be on hand every day to guide customers safely to where they need to go. The temporary traffic management will be erected each morning and removed each evening.

    Some parking bays, side streets and bus stops will temporarily out of use when we reach that section of footway. Signs will be in place and marshals will assist.

  • I am a business owner - can I still open and trade?

    Yes, access in and out of businesses will continue.

    When work is taking place outside there will be a few minutes whilst we lift slabs and make the area safe ready for tarmacing. Marshals will be on hand to guide customers around the work.

    We are contacting businesses directly to make individual access arrangements for deliveries where necessary.

  • Is there any financial help for businesses during the work?

    We are not able to compensate for loss of earnings as current UK legislation expressly rules out compensation for road maintenance schemes. You can find more details on compensation for loss of business from road works on the House of Commons Library’s website.

    To help businesses we are:

      • Promoting that businesses are open during the work
      • Putting up signs stating businesses are open as usual
      • Asking businesses to raise awareness that they will be open
      • Working with businesses to find solutions to any delivery issues so it can be business as usual as much as possible
      • Completing the work as quickly as we can to keep disruption to a minimum.
  • What about my trade waste collection?

    Collections will continue to operate as normal.

  • What will I do with my goods on the highway?

    All goods will need to be clear of the public highway to allow us to access the back of the footway and complete a neat and tidy job.

  • I am a resident what does this mean for me?

    We understand the work will cause some disruption to residents and thank residents in advance for their patience and understanding.

    Work is taking place between the times of 8.30am and 3.30pm to allow us to complete with as little disruption as possible.

    We're writing to residents before the work starts with details of arrangements and how to get in touch if there are any questions.

    Access for residents will be kept open at all times.  Marshals will be on hand to guide you around the work.

  • I live on a side street in this section of Normanton Road – what does this mean for me?

    We understand the work will cause some disruption and thank residents in advance for their patience and understanding.

    To allow work to be completed on this busy section of footway, there will have to be some side street closures for a short period. We are writing to residents in advance with more information.

    Temporary traffic management and a signed diversion route will be in place where needed.

  • What can I do to help?


    • Talk to your customers, friends and visitors and remind them that work is taking place and your business is open as usual
    • Try to arrange deliveries to your business outside of our working hours (8.30am to 3.00pm)
    • Avoid parking on the footway
    • Please take care driving within and around the roadworks
    • Remember that it is your responsibility to protect your property. Please avoid treading on the newly laid tarmac surface and check your shoes before entering your home or your business. Please make provision for your customers to wipe their shoes when they enter your business

    Residents and visitors

    • Parents are asked to keep small children and pets away from the machinery and the newly laid surface.
    • Observe the advice and guidance of the traffic marshals who are there to ensure your safety.
  • How will bus services will be affected?

    Bus services will continue as usual, however some bus stops will not be available. While work takes place alternate bus stops on the route will be provided as close to the usual one as possible. Marshals will point out your closest bus stop in both directions.  Please allow a little extra time for your journey for the duration of the work.

    Arriva services 4, 4a and 7 will operate as normal.

    Notts and Derby school services 234,235 239,240 and 276 will operate as normal.


  • Will there be access for emergency vehicles?

    Yes, at all times.

  • Will there be access to side streets?

    When work approaches side streets, these will have to be closed temporarily to allow work to take place safely. Any temporary closure will be on for a short duration and diversion routes will be clearly signed.

  • I regularly use this route, what does this mean for me?

    Vehicles and pedestrians can still access Normanton Road.

    To ensure minimal disruption to your journey, please plan ahead and allow extra time to reach your destination.  If you can park away from Normanton Road and walk to your preferred shop, this will help greatly.  Please observe the advice and guidance of the traffic marshals who are there to ensure your safety.

  • How do I access my favourite shops?

    Businesses will be open as usual during the work. Marshals will guide pedestrians through the work. Some parking bays may not be in use when we are working in that location. Please observe the advice and guidance of the traffic marshals who are there to ensure your safety.

  • Are you going to stop people parking on the footway once work is complete?

    Vehicles should not be mounting or parking on the footway at any time.

  • What is it costing the Council to complete?

    £160,000 from the 2016/17 Highways and Transport Work Programme.

  • Where can I get further information from?

    Please email or call 01332 640676.

    The work is being completed by Derby City Council Streetpride