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Some funding for road maintenance comes from sources outside the council.  More information about this funding is listed below.


2016/17 Pothole Action Funding

In April 2016, the Parliamentary Under Secretary for State - Andrew Jones MP - announced details of the 2016/17 funding allocations for the Pothole Action Fund. Derby City Council were awarded £96,000, specifically to repair or prevent potholes on the city’s roads. The funding has been spent as follows::

  • Boyer Street – 780m2 carriageway, costing £35,637 – completed by Derby City Council Streetpride in August 2016
  • Peet Street – 400m2 carriageway, costing £19,375 – completed by Derby City Council Streetpride in September 2016
  • Shepherd Street – 900m2 carriageway and footway, costing £26,562 – completed by Derby City Council Streetpride in March 2017
  • Birchover Way – 337m2 carriageway, costing £6,409 – completed by Derby City Council Streetpride in March 2017 and in preparation for surface dressing in July
  • Mansfield Rd – 432m2 carriageway, costing £8,017 – completed by Derby City Council Streetpride in March 2017 and taking the opportunity to complete our work, whilst the road was closed for the recent burst sewer. Consequential damage to the highway was completed and funded by Severn Trent Water Authority

2017/18 Funding

In January 2017, the Department for Transport announced £1.2 billion investment in the country’s local road infrastructure, of which £185 million is new money allocated in 2017/18, through the government’s autumn statement. Derby City Council’s allocation of funding in 2017/18 is £2.8 million and is broken down as follows:


Highways Maintenance Block Needs Formula



Pothole Action Fund



New National Productivity Investment Fund

£ 669,000




  • The first line of the table above represents the annual allocation of highways funding we receive each year from the Department for Transport to make improvements and repairs to our highway network. It is based on a formula, using data provided by Derby City Council on the number of highway assets we are responsible for. Approximately £2.4m of the Council’s budget is also used for repairs and winter maintenance each year.
  • Locations for the Pothole Action Fund in 2017/18 are being finalised.
  • The National Productivity Investment Fund is awarded to Councils to focus on improving the local road network, either by:
    • reducing congestion at key locations in the city
    • upgrading or improving maintenance of local highways assets such as roads, footpaths, structures (bridges over roads and roundabouts) and traffic lights
    • implementing measures to improve access to employment and housing including improved walking, cycling and public transport facilities and to develop opportunities for jobs and economic growth.

National Productivity Investment Fund

The A52 Wyvern Transport Improvements scheme is a combined highways improvements and maintenance scheme. The highway improvements will replace large sections of existing infrastructure significantly improving the highways assets. In addition to the improvement work, large sections of maintenance will be incorporated into the scheme. This will include the following:

  • Upgrading and replacing over 3km of vehicle restraint systems
  • Resurfacing over 12,000m2 of existing carriageway
  • Renewal and upgrading of existing street lighting to low energy LED (approximately 22 columns)
  • Replacement of all lining and signing for approximately 2km of the A52
  • Renewal of 1.5km of drainage systems with low maintenance SUDs compliant systems.

The combined cost of the above works are approximately £600,000. The remainder of the funding will go towards other improvements on the A52 Wyvern Transport Improvements Scheme

Derby Local Maintenance Challenge Fund Bid – A safe, strong and ambitious city

The Department for Transport have set aside £75million in 2017/18 to enable local authorities to bid for major maintenance projects, that are otherwise difficult to fund through the normal ‘needs based’ formulaic allocation. Derby City have submitted a bid for £5million. The bid is being tailored around the A38 Highways England three Junctions scheme (Markeaton, Grand Canyon, and Little Eaton) which is currently planned for a 2019/2020 start and ensuring our strategic network is ready for the diverted traffic. Locations have been selected that are currently structurally failing or failed and work is planned to start immediately and be completed by December 2017. The following documents set out our business case.

Derby Local Maintenance Challenge Fund - Letter from Finance Director

Derby Local Maintenance Challenge Fund Submission Bid - March 2017

Derby Local Maintenance Challenge Fund Application Form for Tranche A

Derby Local Challenge Fund - Tranche 2A pro-forma

Derby Local Maintenance Challenge Fund Bid - Leadership Letter of Support

We expect a decision on the bid in early April 2017.

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