Winter facts and figures

  • We have 4,300 tonnes of salt and will use around 2,000 tonnes this winter. We source it from a large mine in Cheshire, one of the UK’s largest salt producing areas. It is then stored in our salt barn at the Stores Road depot.
  • We have 6 gritters that will travel approximately 3,600 miles along our gritting routes during one week of heavy gritting (out twice per day). That’s the same as driving from Lands’ End to John O’Groats almost six times!

gritting infographic

  • During the winter period we will do, on average 91 gritting runs, but in a very cold winter we could do up to 130.
  • From 1st October until 30th April our 12 drivers are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Even on Christmas day!
  • Our most common gritting times are 6:30pm – 11.30pm and 4:00am – 6:30am.
  • Our gritters are fitted with GPS tracking so we know exactly when and where our roads have been gritted and how much grit they have spread.
  • All our main gritters can be fitted with snow plough blades for snow fall that exceeds 3-4cms.
  • We don’t just grit the roads, we also grit a number of major footpaths in the city centre.
  • When ice, frost or snow is forecast we can mobilise our gritting fleet within one hour.
  • We have six gritters which can be fitted with snow ploughs if needed. Two smaller trailer mounted gritters, two pick-up mounted gritters for gritting the wider footways and two push along footway gritters for narrower footways. That’s a total of 12 gritters!

More information and questions about gritting can be found on our Gritting FAQs page. 


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